Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Take that, strep throat!

Late Sunday night, Lee woke up with a high fever and crying with his throat hurting. He was saying that he couldn't swallow and that it hurt to breathe. He was pretty pitiful. On Monday, we went to the doctor, who confirmed that Lee had strep throat. We must have caught it early, because after only a couple of doses of his 10 day! antibiotic, he was a new kid, with endless energy. We haven't left the house since going to the doctor, so cabin fever is setting in. Since he hasn't had fever since yesterday afternoon, I think we're safe to venture out into the world again tomorrow.

Before Matt gets home each day, Lee wants me to help him find a hiding place, so that Matt can find him when he gets home. Today, I suggested he hide under his train table. He thought it was hilarious.

By the time Matt got home, he had decided on a new place. He is not a very patient hider, so Matt usually only has to follow the giggles to find him.

Matt and I recently got a DVR and decided to hook it up tonight. It was supposed to be a quick 2 step process to make the switch. After 2 hours, 3 technicians, and still no TV signal, we decided it would be best for a professional to come to hook it up. Lee wanted to help so badly, so Matt told him he could hold the flashlight. He was completely in the way, but Matt was very patient with him.

We told Lee to go pick out his pajamas and this is what he came back wearing. They are a 4T, but they fit like a 2T! I don't know why they were even still in his drawer, but he insisted they fit fine and he was wearing them. We laughed so hard at the tight band in the shorts and his belly hanging out from under the mini-shirt! As for the headband, the only explanation I have is that he was channeling Richard Simmons. Who knows about this child? He certainly has a mind of his own.

Here are a couple of videos from today. There is a tiny chance that he inherited my musical abilities. We were about to brush his teeth when he turned on the musical toothbrush and started conducting with the other one. I was so proud.

This is his very favorite song. He calls it the "Mack Song," because it plays on Cars when Mack is hauling McQueen to California. He got this CD in a Happy Meal months ago and has worn it out on this song.

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