Sunday, July 26, 2009

Busy Weekend

We have had such a fun weekend. I took far too many pictures, so it was hard to narrow my choices on which ones to post today. I love so many of them that you might get a few every day this week!
On Saturday, we celebrated the first birthday of this little princess with a luau.
Lee loves a party!
Uncle Matt wore a lei from the birthday girl.
This was my favorite part of the party...CAKE TIME! She knew just what to do with it.
She demolished her little cake in no time. Both hands were full of frosting, and she was still going strong. We were laughing at her, and she would act shy and try to hide her face. That made us laugh even harder.
Wonder what these 2 were up to?
Hope got this little horse that she can ride, and she loved it. She would push back with her feet. I remember Lee doing that same thing with his little John Deere tractor. Of course, once he got the hang of it, he was super fast. I bet in a few days, Hope will be the same way on her horse.
After Hope's party, we headed to Paris Landing State Park for a family reunion with the Geurins. After supper, we took a hike outside while the families visited. That is the Ned McWherter Bridge in the background. (Just an FYI for my family.) It's beautiful in pictures, but I sure hate to drive across it!
The boys are running off to throw rocks in the lake.
Hayes, Lee and Paul
This is more like it!
Paul and Lee just threw their rocks. Can you see them in mid-air?
Back inside, it was family picture time. Here are Matt's great uncles and great aunt.
A failed attempt to get all 5 kiddos together (and looking the same direction)
Today, Matt taught our Sunday School lesson and did a great job. After church we went to another family reunion. Today's reunion was with the Hayes family. In the rush to change clothes and grab our food after church, I forgot my camera. So the pictures I took of Lee this afternoon will have to do.
The reason he is so sweaty is because he "helped" Daddy load the remaining gravel from our driveway and haul it to our basement. I don't know who was sweatier when they were done, but I do know who had more fun!

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