Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stranger Dogs...

Lee came running up to me today, with his hands clasped over his chest, and he was panting. I asked what was wrong, and he proceeded to tell me the following, almost all in one breath.

"Mommy I'm panicking, because I was standing at the door, when all of a sudden I saw a dog in our yard that was not our dog and it was not the Paschalls dog. I call them stranger dogs. He is bigger than Jake but not bigger than Buzz. He has white on him and not white on him and he's wearing a red collar. Could you come see? I'm really panicking." So, off we go to see the stranger dog. I saw nothing, not even Buzz. Nothing or no one comes into our yard without Buzz sniffing it and checking it out. The meter reader even calls him by name now. So I began to doubt Lee's story. Since he was still "panicking" we went out on the back porch to look for the dog. Still nothing. I did take the opportunity to tell him that he did the right thing by coming to tell me, and how if that happened while we were outside, he should never try to talk to or pet a stranger dog. He then assured me he wouldn't, because he would be, you know, PANICKING! I was barely able to stifle my giggles. He was so, so serious. We decided that the stranger dog had gone home. Back in the living room, we're sitting in the floor playing, and I saw one of the biggest heads on a dog that I have ever seen. That is saying a lot, because most of you have seen my dog, right? BIG head! Buzz's head didn't compare to this size of this dog's head. Lee was both excited and skittish to go to the door. Buzz was inspecting him/her, and they seemed to be getting along. Even though he/she looked friendly enough, I didn't like him/her in our yard without knowing anything about him/her. He/She was wearing a collar and looked healthy, so I'm sure he/she is just visiting. Lee gave a great description. He/She is white and "not-white" which most people call tan. He/She is bigger than Jake but not as big as Buzz, well, except for that massive head! It really is a pretty dog. I think it might be some sort of collie mix. It has longer hair and a really bushy tail. He/She hung around all afternoon and played with Buzz. I finally got the nerve to go outside when Matt got home to do some cleaning. As soon as I opened the door, he/she took off. I felt better about him/her being here, but I do hope that he/she has a home to go home to and soon.

Carla-I just thought as I was typing this that the stranger dog could actually be a "Beazey Dog." Does this description fit any "Beazey Dogs?" Don't you love how Lee names all the neighborhood dogs? Jake, the neighbor dog, is the only one that Lee calls by his real name. It would be a huge relief to Lee if the stranger dog is really a Beazey Dog. If it is a Beazey Dog, tell your Granddaddy that I'm holding him ransom for some tomatoes!

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