Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday funnies

Our friends' boys, Cole and Charlie Davis and Alex have stayed with us for 3 days this week. The older boys are 8, and Charlie is 5. It has been perfect as far as the pairing of the boys for playmates. They have played in the pool and on the water slide every day. They have raced Hot Wheels, played with the train track, built elaborate buildings out of legos and eaten more popsicles than I knew was possible! My favorite parts of the week were watching the boys play when no toys were present. Lee was in awe of the fun games they were creating, and I could see him growing right before my eyes. He adores these 3 boys and wanted to mimic every little thing they did. For example, Charlie wanted to roll down the hill one day. It is a very steep hill with holes that our dog and our neighbors' dogs have dug over the years. I tried to discourage the rolling, but finally they convinced me it would be a good idea. I was so glad I relented. The older 3 boys rolled from top to bottom, and I'm sure their giggles were heard a mile away. It took me back to our yard when I was a little girl. I wish I had a dime for every time we rolled down that hill. I remember having so much fun doing that with my cousins. The first time the boys rolled, Lee stood at the top with his hands over his mouth in amazement. While the boys were making their way back up the hill, Lee was jumping up and down begging someone to go roll with him. It took a few tries for him to master the roll, but he finally got it and had a ball. Then it was on to climbing trees. We have an apple tree and peach tree in our back yard with low branches that are perfect for little legs to climb. Again, Lee was a spectator the first few times until he worked up his courage to give it a try. He needed my help to make it up to the first branch, and then he was off on his own. After that, they caught grasshoppers and frogs and kept them in Lee's bug catcher. One of the most horrifying statements a mom can hear from her little boy came out of Lee's mouth on one of these adventures. He came running to me with the biggest smile on his face and said, "Mommy, you'll never believe what I have in my pocket!" I started backing away from him as he reached into his pocket to show me his treasure. Thankfully, it was just a "sheshell" he found in the yard. My heart was racing until I saw that it wasn't a worm or worse. Every night after the boys had gone home, Lee was barely able to function, because he was so exhausted. He and I have had such a great time with them this week.

Here are some funny things he said today;

He calls light bulbs-"bulgs" so it makes sense that he calls lightning bugs, "lightning bulgs." He wanted to catch some tonight, so we wandered around the yard trying to catch some. He came running over to Matt and me and said, "I accidentally killed this one, and then I caught it." Instead of cupping his hands together, he was smashing them in his attempt to catch them. So, sure enough he had "caught" one, even thought it was smashed in between his hands. I wished so badly that I could have had him on video catching the "lighting bulgs," but it was too dark. He was so cute and was even calling for them. "Here lightning bulgies."

Lots of times when Matt and I are being silly, we add "Doo-dah" to the end of a word. For example, we call Buzz, "Buzzy Doo-Dah" or Lee is "Lee Mc a-doo-dah." Tonight, the neighbors' dog, Jake, came for a visit and Lee called him, "Jakey Doo-Dog."

When I was setting up the water slide today, I sent Charlie to turn the water on for me. He was having trouble figuring out which way to turn the handle, and I heard Lee tell him, "Charlie, it's lefty-lucy, righty-tighty."

This afternoon, Lee and Cole were watching TV in his room, and Charlie took a toy in there to play. I heard Lee say, "Charlie, would you take your toys to the living room to play, so we can hear the TV?" Do you think he's heard that one before??

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