Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Swim Lessons Begin

Lee has loved swimming so much this summer, so we figured it was time for him to take some lessons. While we were visiting family in Obion County last week, we enlisted my SIL's mom, Mrs. Shannon, to teach him. She was so great with him, and he loved her. Before lessons, he didn't like to get his face wet, and if he did, he wanted a towel to wipe his eyes. After lessons, he was swimming underwater. It was amazing to see the progress each day. I had to post a day at a time, because I couldn't get the videos in sequence otherwise.

Here is his first jump off the diving board. I think this was actually on Day 2, but it was hard to get the pics and video coordinated after a week! I took a bunch-imagine that!!
Here is Gracie in the pool. She was a swimmer at age 2. It is hers and Brylie's Granny who taught Lee's lessons.
Brylie is 2 and learned to swim about a month ago. She is an old pro now.

This is the very first video where he is just learning to jump off her legs and make it to the ladder.

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