Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birthday Weekend Finale

This was the first year that our family party had to be done in shifts. We just couldn't coordinate every one's schedules, so we just did the best we could. One group came to watch Lee play t-ball and then stayed to play and celebrate Lee's birthday.

Here's the cheering section.

I loved his Mario cake! We ate all around Mario for as long as we could. Then we gobbled him up, too.

He still hates the pool!

Thanks to Mawmaw for taking care of him all weekend, so we could be more involved in Lee's parties.

Lee got this John Deere for his first birthday, and I'm pretty sure he put a million miles on it. He rode it until his knees almost hit the ground when he pushed. He loved it SO much that I would say it was his favorite toy until be was 2 1/2 or so. We used it inside and out. Now it looks like Wade is going to love it like his brother.

I love how you can see his lips making the car sound in this picture.

These 2 cuddled up in the shade.

After pinata time, Matt found Max off to the side chewing on a piece of gum.

Star Wars!

And Mario! Lee's current 2 favorite things.

We were blessed again this year with perfect (albeit scorching!) weather for Lee's outdoor birthday parties. After everyone left, we quickly realized our air conditioner was on the blink...and it was Memorial Day weekend. After spending a week with Nam and Pa, and having a whole new unit installed, I'm happy to report that we are back home and cooler than ever.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Birthday Weekend

On Saturday, Lee had some friends from school over to play in the water to celebrate his birthday.

Wade wanted nothing to do with the pool or water slide, but he sure loved splashing in the water table.

The slip-n-slide created a mud hole, which created a whole new game for a bunch of rowdy 6 year old boys. After they got muddy, they just jumped in the pool and washed off.

All of my pics are action shots, so it's hard to narrow down which ones to post. None are great, but I wanted to document who was there.

I love that the girls got right in there and hung with those rowdy boys.

They did settle down long enough to eat.

Eat? Did someone say eat? Time to sing to the birthday boy.

Lee chose a Mario theme this year, which I thought would be so much fun. But it was very hard to find. Luckily Mom was able to find the supplies at a store in Memphis. I thought it was super cute and easy to coordinate. Lee had such a fun day playing with his friends.