Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day Celebrations

We started our holiday weekend Friday night at the Diamond Jaxx game. We were so glad to see such a big crowd there and to have perfect weather!
I'm sure you couldn't have guessed who Lee's favorite player was....#4 of course!
Here is Lee doing the wave.
Celebrating a home run....very exciting!
We won!
After the game, we enjoyed a wonderful fireworks show that was set to patriotic music. Lee said he liked the way the fireworks were "blooming."
A nice lady behind us took our picture at the end of the game. We liked her, because she kept telling us how cute Lee was. (This was not the mother of the child who splashed his ice cream down my back.)
We always take Lee's pajamas and change him before we leave, because this is usually how we find him when we get home. I took him from the car to his bed, and he never budged an inch.
On Saturday afternoon, we headed to Nam and Pa's to celebrate with them and the Tusas. Before we could start playing outside a storm with heavy rain moved in. Here are the boys sitting on the porch watching it rain.
The rain didn't last long (the first time), so the boys headed back outside to participate in an "Independence Day Hunt."
Lee found his first treasure!
And then he modeled it.
Can you tell which is Lee and which is Paul? Hope loved shaking the tambourine.
Time for a quick family picture before hurrying to do the next activity before more rain.
The pool was lots of fun!
Hope wanted in too! She didn't like it long, probably due to the wild monkeys in there with her!
Matt's favorite-water balloons! At the Jaxx game, there were some fans who played a game on the field where they batted water balloons. We thought that sounded like fun, and we were right!
The little boys are ganging up on the old guy.
More rain came, so back inside we went. We attempted to get a picture of the three kiddos dressed in their red, white and blue.
Hope bailed on the boys, so we added hats and snapped a few more.
Then Lee blew bubbles for Hope to catch.
Mmmm....snow cones!
Finally the rain stopped long enough for Uncle Brian to shoot some fireworks. The boys are ready!
Lee enjoyed the sparklers.
They're watching the first firework, and a parachute came out.
Lee retrieved it.
Then Uncle B lit something that was way too LOUD!!
Time for a break and another sparkler. And then guess what started raining again! By this point, we were tired of running in and out of the rain, so we called it a day. We hope you and your family had a wonderful 4th of July!

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