Saturday, September 29, 2012

We hope

YOU had a
 Football runnin'
Big Brother Watchin'
 Best Friend Playin'

Gospel Listenin'
Doggie Sharin'
 Pumpkin Posin'
BB Gun Shootin'
Tractor Ridin'
 Lily Bloomin'
Gator Ridin'
Lazy Dog Lovin'
Leaves Changin'
Every Dog in the Neighborhood Fetchin'
Down the Hill Runnin'
Rip Ridin'
Chalk Drawin'
 Harvest Moon Risin'
This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Funny Sleepers

How much do I L-O-V-E a sleeping picture!?!
 Wade currently loves footed pajamas...(thanks Aunt Clara!) and sleeping with at least a dozen stuffed friends.
 Lee also loves sleeping with lots of "things." Sometimes it's an extra pillow or a few stuffed friends. I've also found a flashlight, book, and his wallet under the sheets recently.
One thing that is ALWAYS a constant is his owl blanket. He just changes up its purpose. Tonight it was an eye mask apparently.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Apple Day at Story Hour

 One of Wade's best pals, Miles, got to hold the flag today. How sweet is that little hand over his heart?
 Another favorite pal, Andrew, got to sing a song with Mrs. Donna.
 Wade added his apple to Mrs. Donna's basket.
 Mrs. Donna had this nifty apple corer and peeler. I have seen them in catalogs but never in action. I am in love and think I might need one of these for myself! Anyway, she asked Wade to come and help her turn the crank to peel the apple. He was very impressed, even though he prefers his apples with the peel.
 This was during story time, and it made me weepy to see these "big kids" sitting all alone. Then I had to giggle at how Wade is sitting with his legs out. He hasn't learned "criss cross apple sauce" yet.
 Mrs. Donna surprised the kids with their own bowl of apple pie.
 Wade didn't think the day could get any better. But then I turned him loose on his own with glue.
 First, a glue stick and then a bowl of glue!?! He was over the moon!
He made an apple tree all by himself.
The grand finale was getting to choose an apple (or 2) from Mrs. Donna's basket to take home.
What a great Apple Day!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Exciting Game

We went to the Titans/Lions game today. It was supposed to be cooler, but sitting in the sun still made for a toasty game for the Hayes clan.
 These 2 made numerous trips to the concession stand and bathroom, just to cool off for a bit.
 At the 2:00 warning, we went for 1 more potty break before heading home. Little did we know, this game was about to change in an instant and would finally be decided in overtime.
 We'll take a WIN any way we can get it these days!
 Lee barely made it out of Nashville before completely crashing in the back seat.
Wade didn't make it out of the parking garage.Those Titans took a lot out of these 2 little guys!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Bus Day at Story Hour

 Today was Wade's first day of Story Hour. He started by painting a school bus, which he loved.

This was the finished product.
 During circle time, he preferred singing his songs laying on his tummy.
 I whispered to him that he had to raise his hand for Mrs. Donna to call on him. He sat up immediately and raised his hand. Right on cue, Mrs. Donna called on him to choose a song.
 The Wheels on the Bus...his favorite!!
 At the end of class, the kids were invited to ride a real school bus. Wade was excited to talk about it, but when it was his turn to get on, he was pretty nervous.
 He looked out the window nearly the entire time.
And he never let go of my hand. I wished I could read his mind. I know he must have been so puzzled about the whole experience of riding without a car seat. We rode from the school to the park, so he pointed out all the familiar scenes along the way. He ended up loving it and didn't want to leave. We are going to have a great year with Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Pam!