Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Las Vegas-Day 2

Today, the boys went to the Con Expo Road Show, which is the real purpose of our trip.

Lee was really looking forward to going with his Dad and Pa. Why not?

This is Paradise for a 5 year old boy!
Matt said he "drove" every piece of equipment there, and they made an all day event of it.

I sent the camera with them to get a few pictures of Lee throughout the day.

Imagine my delight when Matt returned with over 100 pictures of their fun day!

He said that Lee was in a very posing mood, so it was easy to get lots of pictures of him.

He ran from machine to machine asking Matt to take his picture.

Look that that blue sky!

I could tell immediately how much fun Lee had.

Matt said the only time he slowed down was for lunch and drinks.

I intentionally put Lee in an orange shirt, so he would be easier for Matt to spot in a crowd, but he blended in with a lot of the equipment!

This might be my favorite from the day.

Every vendor handed out freebies, and of course Lee had to have them all.

You should have seen the bag of goods Matt came in toting.
It was full of rulers, pens, pencils, caps, hat pins, brochures, cups, and my favorite, a Michelin Man pillow!

He told Matt that he was the first one to buckle that seat belt all day.
These are just a few of my favorite pictures from their day. If you haven't gotten your fill of all things construction, you can see the rest of Matt's pictures here:

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Pictures

What should we do when the forsythias bloom the same weekend we first get to wear spring clothes to church? Bring out the camera and torture the children, of course!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Lee's Spring Party

We got to participate in the spring party at Lee's school today.
The Kindergartners had an egg hunt.

After the egg hunt, we herded the kids inside to make a craft.
After they were finished, we had a picnic snack outside. We had the perfect weather.
As I was cleaning up Lee's mess, I heard these little voices saying, "Chase us, Lee!" over and over. Lee obliged, and lots of giggles and squeals followed.
The Easter bunny made an appearance and pretty much got assaulted by our bunch.
We finished up the party back inside the class with a game of Bingo. Even though it was a ton of fun, on days like this, it is confirmed to me even more why I am not a teacher!