Sunday, July 19, 2009


Lee has been begging to see this movie since we saw it in the previews when we saw "Up." It said "Coming in July," so every time Lee has seen a commercial for it, he asks if it is July yet. We have missed the last 2 weeks' matinees, because we were busy. But I promised him last week that we would go today, and it did not disappoint. After he settled in with his popcorn and sprite, Lee did not move a muscle the entire movie. He laughed out loud several times, which made me laugh even harder. There were a couple of scenes that I thought were scary, and when I looked over at him to see his reaction, he just smiled back at me. He loved it so much that I'm considering investing in the first 2 Ice Age movies for future prizes for him.

We have been feeding squirrels in our yard for over a year, and we have gotten attached to them. I don't know for sure that we have the same squirrels every day, but Lee has named them, so we're going with it. I could sit at the door and watch them for an hour. I have never tried to take pictures, because I didn't want to scare them off. However, I finally decided to give it a try today. I took these through the glass, so they're not great, but you can tell how cute they are. They were both in the pan at one time, until one fought the other out of it. Lee and I giggled until we were breathless watching them. We were almost late for the library program, because we were just sitting at the door watching these critters. There was a magician at the library today, and I wasn't sure that Lee would "get it" or like it. On the way there, I asked him what a magician was, and he said, "It's the man that makes people disappear." I immediately thought, "Uh oh. He's going to be very disappointed when no one disappears." He must have forgotten about that, because he never mentioned it. The magician was great, and Lee kept raising his hand to volunteer but was never chosen. He chose older kids for all of his acts. Lee was mesmerized by him and laughed so hard at his tricks. Then we checked out our final books for the summer reading program. Lee has read 25 books this summer, so he will get to attend the end-of-summer program next week. I was a little nervous at first about participating in the program, since there is such a large number of kids who attend, but we have really enjoyed ourselves this summer. In addition, Lee now loves to go to the library and choosing his own books.

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