Thursday, March 15, 2012


There is a new blogspot format, so my pictures posted out of order...bear with me! Although it's not Friday yet, I'm very ready to see it. It has been a long day around here! On our way home from karate, it started to look cloudy. About 15 minutes after we got home, it started hailing like crazy. I had left my car out of the garage so Matt and Lee could take it to their Cub Scout meeting later. So I made a mad dash to my car and quickly got it inside. I don't think I have any dents, but I won't know for sure until I can get it out in the sun tomorrow. My arms weren't so lucky. I had such an adrenaline rush that I didn't even think about the hail hitting me. When I came back in, Lee said, "What happened to your arms?" I looked and had red whelps up and down both arms. I'm pretty sure those will be bruises tomorrow. Lesson learned: do not run through a hail storm to move your car!
 This should be the last photo...after the storm. The most beautiful fog formed over the field immediately. Lee and I eagerly awaited a rainbow, but we never got one.
 During the storm, you can see the line of cars that had to pull off the highway until it passed.
 Front yard
 It piled up so fast.
 This is in the flower bed.
 Lee said this was the next best thing to snow.
 Sadly, it melted before he could go collect some to hold.
 I know he will hate it one day, but I love how his hair curls out the back of a cap. During karate, Wade and I went to a local store to purchase a gift. He was such an angel and stood by me the whole time we were shopping. (He is having some stranger danger issues, which works to my advantage right now!) While I was checking out, he left my side for a second, grabbed a piece of pottery and threw it down on the hardwood floor! The owner of the store was the one checking me out and was not concerned in the least about the pottery piece. I began to apologize immediately and insisted on paying if it was broken. We both checked it out, and surprisingly there wasn't even a chip in it. I was mortified, to say the least. The woman was so kind and reassuring that I won't have any hesitation going back to shop again. Next time, we'll have the stroller!
 Such a cutie, even with a spaghetti face!
 This is the look I got when I told him that he has the most beautiful eyes in the world. Apparently he doesn't want to have the "most beautiful" anything.
 Thing 1 and Thing 2
 Remember Baby Bossy Pants? He still emerges from time to time.
 Our school system has experienced a major flu outbreak this week, so Wade and I haven't left the house, except to shuttle Lee. Wade is oblivious to anything abnormal. He has just enjoyed the bonus time in the sun. When you don't go to story time, church, the grocery, the gym, or playdates, you have all the fun in the sun you can stand!
I do love a baby in a onesie! These little shoes were Lee's first pair of Crocs. He wore them forever, and the bottoms are as slick as butter. But when I got them out to show Matt, Wade fell in love with them. He quickly learned to put them on alone, which he thinks is similar to a magic trick. He says, "I did it!" every.single.time. I think he will be due his own pair of Crocs when the new Spring shoes arrive. Because of the flu outbreak, Lee's school is closed tomorrow, and believe me, we are looking forward to FRIDAY!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lee's funnies

Matt found a tick on him tonight and was showing disgust at how early it is for them to already be seen. Lee immediately chimed in, and said, "I know, I know Mom. I'll use the special shampoo tonight." I was so glad he said something to us instead of using it and possibly sharing with his teacher that his dad had a bug on him, so he had to use a special shampoo. We quickly clarified that Dad does not have lice.

There has been a major flu outbreak at Lee's school, so the faculty has been stepping up the disinfecting this week. Yesterday, Lee said every fourth kid had to get a rag and wipe down their table in the cafeteria. Curious as to where he had to go get the rag, what was on it, and most importantly how clean were his hands after handling said rag, I asked him a number of questions. When I quizzed him on where he returned the rag, he said, "Mom, I put it back in the bucket of cholesterol." Most of the time, I can contain my laughter when Lee misspeaks, but I couldn't help it. I lost it and laughed until I had tears. I still don't know for sure what was in the bucket, but I lost interest after the cholesterol remark.

Lee got a Monopoly game for Christmas, and he LOVES it. But the best part of playing with him, is how he says it. He says "Mono-nopoly."

Lee only has homework 1 night per week. He has to bring home a wordbook with the week's "focus words" and read the sentences that correspond with the word. We do it every.Monday.night. However, he forgot the wordbook this week. As luck would have it, his teacher had already sent home the list of words, so I had Lee to write a sentence with each word. There were 8 words, so it was a big project. I hoped that he would see the difference in time spent writing versus reading his sentences, and he would be more responsible next week. FAIL. His teacher gave him glowing remarks on his sentence writing, including pointing out the improvement she has seen in his handwriting lately. So, he couldn't wait to get home to tell me all about it. I may never see the wordbook again.

Monday, March 12, 2012


Lee is reading to his Kindergarten teacher's class this week, and he wanted to practice reading his book aloud at home before reading to the Kindergartners. He chose a wordy Dr. Seuss book, so we were glad he brought it home to practice. He did a great job, considering his squirmy, disruptive audience. We assured him that his real audience would be much more attentive.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Skating Party

Lee was invited to a skating birthday party and was so excited. He has been skating several times, but he has yet to master it. I was pretty nervous about going, but even though he started off like this, clinging to the wall...
in no time, he was braving the fast skaters and holding his own. He has a long way to go, but he is overcoming his fear of falling and is really trying now.
Here is the birthday crew after cake!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Sneaky Pete

While I was getting ready in another room,I heard a crash in the laundry room,
followed by giggles and squeals from a certain toddler
who saw a wrapped birthday gift (that was NOT for him),
sitting on top of the washer and JUST within his reach. Never a dull moment with an "almost 2 year old!"

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Wade and Lola

Wade has graciously accepted all of Lee's hand-me-downs so far. His favorite combo might be his horse and cowboy hat. Lee got the horse from Mawmaw and Pawpaw for his 1st birthday. Later on, he named it "Lola." That is still her name. The cowboy hat came into our home when Lee was 2! He was at Walmart with Nam, and she took him to buy a book. He saw this red cowboy hat and wanted it instead. It was at the beginning of his love of all things related to firemen, so he told her he was "a real fireman now." I can't believe it has lasted all these years. I would love to know how many miles Lola has trotted. From the looks of it, she's just getting started!