Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010

We started a new tradition this year by having Joe and his family and Dad over for breakfast to celebrate Christmas. None of us had anywhere to go on Christmas Eve, and it was a nice change to be able to start our day together and not be in a rush to get to the next place.
The Hayes Family 2010

Paw and his girls

Someone finally indulged Lee and his request for a Pillow Pet. Ahem, thanks Aunt Shay!

Gracie wanted all things American Girl this year.

Honey added to his musical collection.

Lee added to his puzzle collection. This is a Collector's Edition Star Wars puzzle with 500 pieces! Of course he couldn't wait to get started on it after everyone left.

The best reaction of the day went to Brylie when she opened the Jessie doll from us. She was so sweet and was almost too excited to even open the box.

Wade was more interested in watching the older kids and chewing on the occasional bow tossed his way.
Later in the day, we visited with Grandmom, who got some good cuddle time with Wade. On the way home, we took the boys out to look at Christmas lights. There is a house in town that has their lights set to music, and Lee loved that display best. As we entered a short road close to our house with the biggest and best light display yet, Matt asked Lee what he thought about it.

Lee? What do you think about this one? Lee?
We have no idea how long the boys were asleep, but they missed the house that we thought was the best and had saved for our last stop.

Lee woke up when we got home and was eager to get started on his cookies to leave for Santa. (Someone please notice that he's wearing clothes while he cooks this time!)
Finally, the boys were dressed in their Christmas pajamas and ready for bed. But not before Daddy read the story of Jesus's birth to them.

After tucking Wade in for the night, Lee carefully placed Santa's cookies and milk on the hearth.
Aside from handling the oven, he did everything himself and was so proud.
He said one final goodbye to Molly, our Elf on the Shelf. He was surprisingly emotional about this.
He so enjoyed waking up each day to look for her.
I must admit that I enjoyed her antics too.
But mainly, I loved my sweet boy's giggles each morning when he found her. These are a few of our favorite hiding places she chose this year. She first landed in our china cabinet and stayed there for 3 days before Lee discovered her. His reaction was one I don't think I'll ever forget. He was across the table and facing the china cabinet, engrossed in telling us a story, when he spied her. In the middle of his sentence, he yelled, "ELF!" Then he started giggling uncontrollably. I think his reaction embarrassed him, because he could not quit laughing. Finally, we asked him about "it," and he said that it was a girl because her hair was tucked behind her ears. From there, he settled on the name "Molly" for her. What fun she brought to our home this Christmas season! We sure hope Molly visits our home again next year. Time for the big guy to come now!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Boy, Oh Boy!

Just by looking at this precious face, you'd never know what a handful he was this morning! When he got up at 7:00, I thought his pajamas felt a little damp. As I was changing him, he started peeing everywhere; all in his face, in his hair, on the wall, and on the changing table. It was like a geyser. Luckily he had his paci in his mouth, so he didn't get any in there. He was completely soaked and needed a full bath. So, I ran a quick bath in the kitchen sink. He thinks these baths are wonderful! Anyway, I stripped him down in his room and headed to the kitchen. As I was spreading his towel out on the counter, he peed all over me. It was running down my side and leg and was puddling on the floor. Since Matt was gone and Lee was still asleep, I had no choice but to wear it until I was done with his bath. Of course, he giggled the entire time, like he knew he did something funny. Life with little boys is never dull!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas in Collierville

We spent the night with Mom and Woody on Friday night, and the Coles joined us on Saturday to celebrate Christmas. Mom cooked a feast this year, and I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture of it! Not that I think any of us will ever forget when she dropped the entire pan of chicken and dressing on the floor as she took it from the oven. Luckily, it landed on its bottom and none was lost. I think if it had landed on its top, my brother and I would have just gotten spoons and eaten it off the floor. It was that good! She was a good sport about it and took the teasing from us in stride the rest of the day.
Time for presents! Let's get this party started!
Mom instructed the kiddos to choose a present to open first. Look at how patiently they're sitting, waiting for their turns.
That didn't last long! Soon, there was paper flying in every direction.
Lee got a remote control car that he L-O-V-E-S! He has practiced with it in the house a little, but he really can't wait to take it for a spin outside.
All 3 big kids decided they needed to open one present together.
Lee can't get enough Toy Story 3!
Wade waited patiently for his turn. He tried so hard to open his own presents.
Then he got distracted and just wanted to chew on the paper and boxes.
He was so cute and seemed to understand that he was getting toys. He would get so excited when the paper was off and he could see what was on the box.
Honey and I got presents too. The biggest box was for me, and the kids could hardly stand it. Since I was taking pictures and helping Wade, I was the last one to open my gifts. Boy were they all disppointed to find out that it was a vacuum cleaner! We all got a big laugh out of their reactions. Gracie kept saying, "Is that really what it is?"
I like how Wade looks like he is handing Mom her gift.
He was having the time of his life!
Daisy was not enjoying her company so much. She was kicked out of her bed, chased by 3 wild kids, and was put outside during present time. I'm sure she breathed a sigh of relief when we all left so she could get her house and parents back all to herself.
I gave Wade a candy cane to hold to entertain him. I realized after a few minutes that he had chewed through the paper, so I took the rest of the paper off and let him have at it.
He loved every lick and was a soggy, red, sticky mess after about a minute.
Here are the 4 angels after a fun day together!
Brylie couldn't wait to get her hands on Wade. She was pretty disappointed to learn that he didn't want to be held like a baby. He was content to sit on her lap, so she was happy too. Thanks to Mom and Woody for a fun Christmas in Collierville!

Friday, December 17, 2010

5 on Friday

What an exciting, busy week this has been for our family!

Monday-Lee enjoyed his first snow day from school. Since he, Wade, and I were recovering from our colds, we weren't able to get out to play in it. But we enjoyed staying in our pajamas most of the day, playing games, and watching movies.

Tuesday-Hope spent the morning with us. Wade went to the doctor in the afternoon for his lingering cold/cough/ear ache.

Wednesday-After an uneventful morning, the weather turned bad in the afternoon, and church was cancelled for the evening. Normally, I welcome the break, but this meant that Lee's Christmas choir program was also postponed. He was pretty disappointed.

Thursday-Lee was excited to get to take his gifts for his teachers to school today. He was glad school wasn't cancelled due to the weather. He said they are working on lots of fun Christmas crafts that he didn't want to miss. Wade was feeling well enough to venture out to the grocery. After school, we took Lee to karate and stayed to watch him practice. Wade seemed fascinated by all the moves and sounds.

Friday-School was dismissed at 10:00 today for Christmas break. Lee looked so excited to see us when we picked him up. I am always glad to see him, but my heart was literally skipping today when I got him. I am SO excited to have him home with me for 2 entire weeks! The best part about this is that today is also Matt's last day to work for the year. I won't know what to do having all of my boys home with me every day for 2 weeks. The only thing on the agenda is FUN! We are crossing our fingers for a snowfall big enough to get the sled out in. As soon as Matt gets off work, we are headed to Collierville to celebrate Christmas with Mom, Woody and the Coles.

All Dressed Up...

Wade got dressed up to go to Uncle Brian's Open House and looked too cute not to get his picture made in his snowman suit.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I have had a cold for the past week, and I have shared it with this sweet guy. He hadn't been sleeping well for the past 2 nights, and yesterday when I noticed him repeatedly rubbing his ear, we headed to the doctor. He was hoarse and coughing a little too, so I was afraid croup was sneaking up on us. Luckily, he just has a cold with a red ear. He was thrilled when he was prescribed amoxicillan and ear drops...okay, not so much the ear drops, but he LOVES the taste of the amoxicillan. Matt and I have been joking that he will need baby detox after this week of anti-biotics. After only 4 doses, his voice is starting to return, and his cough is almost gone. His nose is still a little runny, and he is still rubbing his ear quite a bit. He did not sleep well last night, but so far, he seems to be resting well tonight. I'm crossing my fingers for a full night's sleep:-)
Side Note: Wade weighed 17 pounds, 14 ounces

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

With the sudden arctic blast, we have had to experiment with many different ways to keep Wade warm while travelling.
He has a heavy winter coat that is perfect if he is in the stroller or being carried. However, it is not the best option for him while in his car seat. The straps will not tighten at all around this huge coat.
He has several hooded sweaters that fit perfectly over an outfit and also fit well in the car seat. The downside to these is they are not heavy enough when he is out of the car seat.
So the option that has worked best for us this week while temperatures have been below freezing day and night is to layer his clothes, add a sweater and toboggan, and cover him with a heavy blanket. He actually seems to enjoy the snug fit he has in the car seat.
Lee has also had fun accessorizing this week. We had just gotten home from church in this picture, so he wasn't as bundled up as usual. For school, he has been wearing a toboggan, scarf, gloves, and his heavy winter coat. I giggle while picturing him undressing at school when he gets there.
Meanwhile, Wade just enjoys snuggling under his nice, warm blanket while someone warms the car and totes him where he needs to go.
We were already up and ready for church when the snow started falling. This is the scene we faced 2 1/2 hours later when we skidded home.
After our nerves were settled from travelling on the icy roads, we were thrilled to get home to this winter wonderland!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Playdate with Hope

Hope came to play with us today while her mom helped at the boys' school. Wade surprised her with a snowman shirt to match his. Our super-talented friend, Allison, made them. Check out her website here.
I love the way he is looking at her in this one. He thinks she is here just for his entertainment.
Look at their precious little hands....delicious!
They look angelic here. It was very hard to get a picture of Hope looking at the camera, because she was smothering him in kisses the entire time. I saved her just in time from a reciprocal kiss from Wade. He grabbed a handful of her hair to pull her closer and was just about to slime her cheek.
Hope has such big plans for him. Today, she wanted to teach him how to eat skittles. After a quick lesson on "choke candy," I encouraged her to start with crawling. She spent the next 15 minutes crawling around saying, "C'mon Wade....follow me!"
Whatever they get into together in the future, you can bet they'll be having fun!