Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wade's First Weekend

This is pretty much how our first weekend at home looked. Lee calls this "dog piling" on the couch. I was concerned for Wade.
This has become Lee's favorite place to sit. He'll command me to "get the pillow" so he can hold Wade. He still says his head is heavy, which is so funny to us.
We didn't put the pack-n-play in our room, since Wade is right next door, so he went straight to the crib. I think he loved it.
He was up every 2-3 hours to eat and then would go right back down. The first night home, he cried a lot in the night, but after that, he seemed more content.
Hayes and Shelby came for a visit on Saturday. Wade looks very comfy in Shelby's arms. He's going to love them!
He even put on real clothes for his company. Besides his coming home outfit, this was his first time not to wear a gown.
I love how his belly sticks out in this onesie. He's sleeping in his Moses basket.
His first outing was a trip to Nam and Pa's on Sunday for supper. He liked snuggling in the car seat.
Lee liked having a friend in the back seat, just like we thought he would.

Wade slept in the car seat almost the entire time we were there. I finally got him out to feed him and he went back to sleep on Nam's ottoman, which was the perfect place for this sweet picture.
Then he rocked with Pa until time to go. It was a fun, lazy Sunday with the Hayeses...perfect for our first outing!

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