Friday, April 23, 2010

Fish Fry Week

How do you feel about the World's Biggest Fish Fry, Wade?
He looks SO long to me here!
On Wednesday night, the Coffields took Lee to the carnival with them, so Matt, Wade and I got dressed up and went to the Fresh Market to celebrate our anniversary. This was Wade's first trip to a restaurant, and he slept the whole time. Although Matt and I had a wonderful time and enjoyed the great food, I think we would have preferred to stay home and have a nap too! Lee came home with a surprise, a carnival goldfish! (Thanks Mrs. Jill!) Lee was beyond thrilled with his win. We warned him right away that this goldfish had already had a hard life and might not live very long, and he seemed to understand. We left him in the plastic bowl he came in. Lee couldn't wait to feed him each day. That's right, EACH day. Matt and I thought (& hoped) that he would be a goner within a couple of days. No such luck. On day 5, I sent Matt to Walmart for a tank. I'm not sure Lee was as excited on Christmas morning as he was when we moved Mr. Golden to his new home. The next day, as I was getting Wade out of the car after picking Lee up from school, I heard Lee yell, "Mom! Mr. Golden is stuck to the bottom of the tank." Oh no. He lasted 1 day after purchasing the new tank. What luck. Sure enough, I came to check, and Mr. Golden was belly up on the bottom of the tank. Lee took the news well. By the time Matt got home, he was floating, and Matt flushed him. We're still waiting for a replacement. Hopefully this time, we'll get a more durable fish.
On Friday, we joined the Coffields for the Fish Fry parade.
Here is our next Governor, Mike McWherter!
And here is Matt driving former Governor McWherter. He is pointing us out here.
He sees us!
Wade was 18 days old and was such a trooper. Although I covered his ears when it was loud, he never flinched the first time with all the noise.

Here is the crew after the parade. While I was attempting this picture, Jill was yelling at me to move, because a horse got spooked right behind me and was out of control. I heard her, but I didn't realize that it was that close to me. When I turned around, the horse was RIGHT there! And the kids were right in the path of the wild horse. Luckily, we moved fast enough, and the horse's rider got him out in the street. It was pretty scary.
Katie and Wade

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