Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hospital Stay

Here we are on Day 2 (April 6th) of our hospital stay. After getting off on a rocky start that morning with nursing students(I'll spare you the gory details!), I was finally able to get out of bed, shower and get dressed. I can't tell you how much better I felt after getting up and getting mobile. Wade got to change out of his stuffy hospital gown into this precious gown Aunt Subo brought him. He felt better in new clothes too! He started eating really well and about every 3 hours.
He is a very long boy! I love how he chews on his fist. He doesn't have much hair, and what little he has is very blonde.
Our friend, Allison, monogrammed this hat for him. It was a little big, but it was too cute not to wear. Today was the first day to have a pacifier. He came back to us from the nursery with his new "prize" and seemed to like it right away.
He kept pulling the hat down over his eyes. It was SO cute!
He is so solemn and content....such a precious gift!
Here is Wade on Day 3 (April 7th) AKA the day I FINALLY get to eat solid food again! Oh my goodness, I have never been so hungry in my life. I have not had anything but water, jello and broth since midnight Monday morning. When they finally brought in a real breakfast, I was glad Matt was gone to take a shower, because I would have been embarrassed for him to watch me inhale it. Back to Wade, when he is awake, he is W-I-D-E awake. He has the biggest eyes, just like Lee.
Mrs. Jill came to visit us on her lunch break, and Wade was thrilled to finally meet the person who keeps bringing him all the cute gifts. Alex and Katie got him the puppy gown he is wearing. He is going to love the Coffields just as much as we already do!
Jacob Bateman and his mommy, Misty, came for a visit. He was very interested in what Lee was doing. Lee was pretty patient with him and allowed him to hang out. Jacob is 17 months old and just found out that he is getting a baby sister in September. We're sad that she and Wade won't be in the same class, but we're sure they'll be great friends!
Lee was so sweet to Wade and wanted to hold him as soon as he got to the hospital. He was good and let the visitors have a turn with him, but he mainly wanted him all to himself.
Thank goodness for that boppy pillow. Lee says his head is very heavy!
I think he has his daddy's beautiful lips.
I love how round and plump he looks in this picture. When we're changing his clothes, he looks tiny though.
This sweet, sweet nurse asked Lee to help her check Wade's vital signs one night. He was thrilled, and it made us love her even more for her to include Lee. He felt so special.
This is how Lee left Wade every night. He would pull the stool over to the bed and plant a nice wet kiss on him and tell him good night. It was so precious. Did I mention how much we missed him??? It was hard to watch him go each night.
Sweet brothers! Lee has already started calling himself "Bubba" to Wade and speaking to him in third person. He says "Bubba" in a very soft voice that sounds like he is saying "Buppa." I'm not a fan of nicknames, but this is sure hard to beat! Matt and I enjoyed our "last meal" at the hospital. The night before you go home, you're served a steak dinner, which is actually wonderful. It was such a nice treat, and we enjoyed the quiet time before we're thrown into the real world of having 2 children! We get to go home tomorrow, and we can't wait! Lee can't wait to show Wade his room.

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