Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wade's First Trip

Matt's cousin, Whitney's wedding was April 17th in Nashville...12 days after Wade's birth. We just adore Whitney and wanted to be there for her most special day, if we were feeling up to it. Matt offered to go and take Lee with him, but since I still wasn't permitted to drive and all of our local family was going, I was a little nervous about being home alone. So, we booked a hotel room and decided to give it a try. We figured the worst case scenario was that Wade and I would stay at the hotel while Matt and Lee went to the wedding. The hotel was within walking distance of the church, so it worked out perfectly for us. Wade was a great traveler, and we were able to make both the wedding and reception. He slept through both events and allowed us to enjoy being a part of Whitney and Ryan's big day.
Lee and Paul thought throwing the rose petals at the couple was the best part of the wedding.
They couldn't believe they were not only permitted, but expected to throw something at an adult.
This is our first post-hospital family picture.
The Tusas came too!
These two were quiet too long. It was time to release some energy after the wedding.
At the reception, Wade helped with the decorations by being a centerpiece. He stayed here all night and the guests just came by and looked at him.
A wedding reception is just not complete without a round of "Ring around the Rosies."
Here is the happy couple at their first dance.
Here we are with one of the most stunning brides I have ever seen.
Wade looked so cute in his wedding attire. He used his best manners and didn't cry during the wedding, spit up on Mommy or poop on his new outfit. He was the model baby.

Both boys enjoyed their hotel stay, and Lee was so excited to greet Wade the next morning. This gives me hope for our next trip, which will be in June, when we drive 8 hours to visit family in Mississippi. Wade will be 10 weeks old then.

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