Monday, April 26, 2010

Paul's 5th Birthday

Paul turned 5 on April 26th, and we were lucky enough to get to celebrate with him on 3 occasions. Lee did not want his birthday to end, except for the fact that his birthday is right around the corner.
Paul's birthday party included a "real magician." (This is according to Lee.)
My normally shy child loved the magician and eagerly accepted Paul's invitation to be a part of the opening act.
On the way to the party, he said he did not want to be a volunteer. However when the time actually came, he was a willing participant in 3 tricks.
See him volunteering??
Here comes another trick!
How much fun are they having doing this??
I love this picture of them!
Wade was not impressed with the magician. He said he does tricks all day long, and no one cheers for him!
Paul had more than a little help with his candles.
Brian's nephew, Bobby, was very interested in Wade. He pulled up a chair and was talking to him. He asked me if he could pick his nose yet. When I said no, he then asked if he could "put his fingers in his ears and do 'dis?" He proceeded to stick his fingers in his ears in the nah-nah-nah boo-boo way. I laughed so hard at him. He was pretty disappointed when I told him he couldn't do that yet.
Present time!
Next, we had our family get-together at Nam and Pa's. Lee sat close to Paul while he opened his gifts, so he could get some ideas for his birthday. He's very interested in these Spike Jaws!

He got to blow out his candle alone this time.
The next day, we celebrated Paul's birthday at school. Wade and I were visiting that day, because Lee was the leader. Subo and Hope got there before we left, so we just stayed for the party. Paul is choosing a gift from the birthday box.
They boys are enjoying Paul's favorite snacks.
Wade was bored with the festivities and hung out in his car seat the whole time. Lee was glad to have him there to show off to his friends though.
We hope you had a fabulous fifth birthday, Paul! Thanks for sharing it with us.

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