Friday, April 30, 2010

All about Lee

Lately at our house, everything has revolved around us incorporating Wade into our family. We're trying to establish some sort of routine and enjoying every minute with him. However, just because Wade has dominated our conversations, that doesn't mean Lee hasn't been just as funny, smart, curious and sweet as ever. He has really taken to his new role as big brother, but it certainly hasn't defined him. He is so unique, and we love that about him. Here are some things he has been up to lately.
Thanks to his Daddy, he loves all things Star Wars. Matt let him watch a movie with him one day, and that is all it took to get him hooked. He has watched all of the movies and has learned every character, old and new. We got Matt the latest SW movie for his birthday, without knowing it was animated. Once Lee realized that, it was instantly his favorite.
He has chosen Star Wars as his theme for his upcoming birthday party...much to my dismay. I would have chosen something Disney for him, but I guess I'm just trying to hold on to my baby just a little bit longer. He still loves Cars, Toy Story and Curious George, but they are still second to Star Wars right now. Although I can't make myself enjoy SW, I am willing to accept Lee's love for it and be as supportive as I can. I figure it could be a lot worse.
T-ball season has been terrific so far. Lee has enjoyed himself so much more than I could have imagined. He is learning and really soaking it all in this year. He loves his teammates and loves having his daddy on the field coaching him.
These stolen moments melt my heart every time. I keep my camera ready at all times, because I never know when Lee is going to do something precious like this. I not only don't want to miss it, but I don't want to ever forget it either. In this particular instance, Wade was hanging out in the bouncy seat, and Lee came over and rubbed noses with him out of the blue. I had the camera within arm's reach and got this picture before he realized I could even see him.
This time, Wade was playing in the floor while Lee was watching tv. I was in the other room when I heard Wade fussing. I came in to get him and saw Lee kneeling over him singing to him trying to make him happy. He was singing so sweetly and softly that I couldn't hear him in the other room. This picture was posed after Wade was happier.
Lee LOVES taking pictures and is constantly asking me to use my camera. Of course I don't let him, but he has my old, old camera to play with. It doesn't take good pictures and only stores 15 at a time. So we're constantly deleting pictures for him. So, Matt and I decided to invest in a kid-friendly digital camera for him for his birthday.I think he will be thrilled.
He still says the funniest things. Today he asked me if Wade is a newborn. I said yes, why? He asked when he would become an "oldborn." He was so serious.
His reading skills have exploded in the past month. This is his first chapter book. We read this to him first, and he loved the story.
So the next night, he read the entire 6 chapters TO us! There is no stopping him now. He loves his books so much and is always rotating them and reading something "new" all the time. He also loves to write and guess how to spell words. Matt and I still spell words to each other, forgetting that Lee can spell many words now. Sometimes we'll spell a word to each other, and Lee will shout out the word like it is a game created for him. Today he announced that he knew how to spell tissue. I asked him to spell it for me. T-I-S-H-Y-O-U he said so proudly. We're having a hard time explaining some of the word rules to him, like silent K's, etc. We have a beverage tub that says "The Hayes" on the side of it. He asked me why it didn't say "The Hayeses." I thought that was such a smart thing to notice.
Lee has recently discovered word searches, and he loves them! He got this book for Easter, and he has nearly completed the entire book. It is not tailored for kids so I thought he would be frustrated by it and move on to something else, but I couldn't have been more wrong. I even bought him a Disney word search book that said for ages 5+ thinking he would enjoy it more. He finished the entire book in 1 day and went straight back to the more challenging book.
Nothing makes Lee laugh harder than when Wade toots or poops. I have never enjoyed potty humor myself, but lately I laugh harder at Lee's laughter than whatever it is that he is laughing at. The other day, Wade was in the swing, and Lee came running to me laughing so hard he could barely breathe. I asked what was so funny, and he said, "Wade just blew a hole in his swing." There wasn't a hole there, but he certainly did mess his pants in a big way. Another time, I was changing a particularly stinky diaper when Lee came in drinking some milk. He stopped and said through laughter, "Wade, you stink so bad that you're making my milk taste bad." He is so funny and thinks Wade does all of these potty tricks just for his amusement.

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