Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A little Tusa Time

Brian and Subo were so sweet to take Lee to and from school for us the week after Wade was born. On Wednesday, when Subo brought Lee home, she also brought lunch and stayed with the kids to play. Lee and Paul were more interested in playing with each other than seeing the baby, but Hope, on the other hand, was ALL about "Baby." Before Wade, she was so happy to see me. Now, as soon as she sees me, she asks about "Baby." She only has eyes for him right now. I recently found out that Hope is a blog stalker, so here's to you Hope Ellen!
"Where's Baby? Bring him to me."
"Here he comes! Hi Baby!"
"Oh, I want to touch him all over."
"Can you believe she's letting me hold her baby?"
"I love him!"
"Hi Baby. My name is Baby too."
"He loves me, Mommy!"
"I'll just pat him like a puppy, OK?"
"Ooohhhh, he has a nose!" (Enter Subo.)
"Ok. This kid is heavy. Someone take him now please."
It was a very fun afternoon, and Wade enjoyed his cousin time. I think Hope had the most fun of all though.

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