Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Reality

On Monday, it was time for everyone to get back to their normal schedules. Spring Break was over for Lee, so it was back to school for him, and back to work for Daddy.
Here is the new big brother ready for school. He took a photo album with pics of him and Wade to show everyone. Doesn't he look older and more responsible already? Not to mention more handsome than ever!!
Wade's feeding schedule worked out perfectly, so I had an hour with just Lee and could get him ready before Uncle Brian and Paul arrived to get him. Then, he was ready to see Wade and tell him goodbye. He was more than a little excited, as you can see.
While lee was off at school, Wade and I got ready for our checkups. Daddy came and drove us. Wade's jaundice was gone, and he weighed 8 pounds, 7 ounces, up 11 ounces from when we left the hospital. I got my staples out and feel like a new woman! One more week until I can drive.
Wade wore this precious outfit from the Coffields. I'm already dreading when he outgrows it.
He's really filling out fast!

After Hope was born, we took Lee's swing to Nam's for her. So Nam brought it back to Wade today. I think he likes it!

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