Thursday, April 8, 2010

Going Home

On Thursday, April 8th, we finally got to go home. I was officially released the day before, but Wade's doctor couldn't do his circumcision until Thursday, so we stayed an extra night. As soon as the nurses brought Wade to us after his procedure, we were ready to hit the road! Matt packed the car, while the nurses came to check on Wade and check his car seat for safety. With Lee, I just walked to the car by myself, but this time they insisted on wheeling Wade and me out in the wheelchair. Matt had already taken the camera to the car, so we don't have a picture. I have always loved seeing other people's "wheelchair photos." I would have been more prepared had I had any idea that I would be given the royal treatment!
When I ordered Wade's going home outfit, the owner of the boutique convinced me to get a size 3 month over a newborn size to get more wear. I'm sure I'll be glad later, but it was way too big for him today. The bonnet (yes, Matt hates that term!) kept falling down over his eyes, and the legs came down to his ankles! It was still precious though.
Wade was jaundiced, which I couldn't tell just by looking at him. But when you compare his face to his hands, it is more obvious.
I love those chubby cheeks! Lee used to suck in his chin the exact same way. I'll have to post a couple of Lee's newborn photos for comparison. Thank goodness Wade has a birthmark so we will be able to tell them apart in pictures later.
Look how he crosses his legs! SO cute!!
We're ready to go to Gate 3 Road!
Nam had Lee there ready and waiting for us. He immediately started getting toys out to show Wade. Doesn't Wade look thrilled with Lee's tricks? After he calmed down, he showed him around the house and introduced him to his room.
Since Wade was jaundiced, we were instructed to park him in the sun for the rest of the afternoon. So we did that while he slept, and I decided to have a nap too. While we were asleep, Matt and Lee snuck out and went to take a picture of Wade's welcome sign. How cute!
When we woke up, Lee was ready to hold him again. He sat just like this until we made him put him down. Even with the pillow, we were afraid he would get too tired and careless with him. Our first afternoon home was pretty uneventful. We spent our time unpacking and finding a home for all of Wade's new things.


  1. What sweet pictures! You look great. That is one sweet, sweet boy and his big brother is pretty sweet too!!!