Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Lee's First T-ball Game

Lee got his new uniform, so I thought I'd better get a few pictures of him in it while it still looks new.

He's number 4, which is his favorite number! He was so excited!

Lee and Paul are on Team Edward Jones, which Uncle B is sponsoring.

Lee has been practicing his slide for weeks. We told him he shouldn't slide in t-ball, but he doesn't listen. He slid home both times he got to bat.

A lot of the dads provide crowd control and guidance on the field. Lee loved having his daddy out there with him.

Paul is a great hitter!

We have been practicing Lee's hitting by pitching to him and not using a tee, so we weren't sure
how he would do, but he seemed to do fine with it.

Best pals!

Paul got one!

Thanks to Subo for providing these wonderful pictures (& more!) for us. The weather was crazy that day, and the low was predicted to be around 50 degrees at game time. There was no way I could get Wade out in the cool night air, so we stayed home. It didn't occur to me until a couple of hours before game time that I would not be able to go, so I was devastated to miss Lee's first game. He didn't seem to mind that I wasn't there though.

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  1. what sweet memories! the boys look adorable in their uniforms!