Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny Boy

We have been working on Lee's Christmas list lately. The first thing he wanted to put on there was a "water machine for his bedroom." I had to ask what in the world he was referring to. He said that he used it at Mr. Vern's office to get water one time (which was about a year ago!), and he now wants one for his room. This is what Vern has at his office. I'm not sure Santa can fit this on his sleigh.

Last week, the kids studied about apples and Johnny Appleseed at school. On Friday, they each took an apple to school to study and eat. I asked him if he tried different kinds of apples that day, and he said, "Naw, I told Miss Angie that I'm not an apple kind of guy."

He used to be the best fruit eater, and I'm not sure when that changed. The fruits that he likes right now, he loves. Others, he won't even try. His favorite used to be bananas. When he was about a year old, we would have to spell the word, because if he heard it, he would cry and cry for one. I don't know if he just got burned out on them or what, but for a couple of years, he has not wanted them at all. The other day, I was having one for lunch, and he asked for a bite. He loved it and asked for his own. I could tell we were having a moment! I only had a couple here, so I sent Matt to the grocery that night on his way home from work for more. He has taken one several times for a snack ever since then.

The other day, we were driving through Spinks, and there were cows everywhere. Matt slowed down, and Lee said, "Daddy, we're having a cow jam!"

On the way to school, Lee started complaining of a leg ache. I knew he hadn't hurt it that morning. I asked what we should do, and he said that we should just go to the emergency room. I over-explained the fact that ERs are not for leg aches. He finally chimed in and said that he meant he needed to go to the ER at his school. After several more questions, I found out that there is a room where the kids can go when they get hurt. I think Lee was just curious about it and wanted to go check it out. By the time we got to school, the leg ache was gone!

On Sunday, the Titans were playing in their Oilers uniforms. (I think this is to celebrate the NFL anniversary. )Anyway, I had to do a double take when I first turned the game on myself. Lee came into the room, knowing the Titans should be on, and said, "Who's this team with the Eiffel Towers on their helmets?"

He seemed to have a wonderful day today. He got to go to the Treasure Chest at school for being quiet in line. He was thrilled about that and couldn't wait to tell us when he got home. Then tonight, he was chosen to be the Choir Child of the Day. I didn't know there was such a thing until today. He got to be Mrs. Traci's helper, and he was SO excited. He adores her and felt so special. He has talked about it all night. He has had no time outs today, so that is a successful day to me!

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