Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lee's Art

One of Lee's favorite things at preschool is a fully stocked art table. He has talked about working there every day. Yesterday, he brought home this family portrait he created. I loved how he included Buzz (& appropriately gave him 4 legs) and Eloise, who is represented by the Curious George stamp. Matt was a tad offended by the giant ears Lee gave him, because obviously, Matt does not have big ears! Lee has also talked about using "scissors that punch." I think it is a hole punch that creates shapes, but he claims they are scissors. Either way, he loves working with them.


  1. Very cute drawing !!!! That is also Campbell's most favorite thing at preschool too! Im thinking of doing something similar for her for Christmas.....she loves to draw,paint, color, use stickers, etc!

  2. Lee got a desk for Christmas last year, and it is one of his very favorite things. He works at it every day. I highly recommend it!

  3. Thank you for the sweet comment! I am in a smocking class so that was my first project. I have to hide in the closet to sew. I am trying to make Jenna a girly girl but putting her in all those bows hasn't helped!! I am thrilled about your news!!! I am sure that Lee is going to be a very involved big brother!