Monday, September 7, 2009

Water Party-Take 2

We were set to host the Preschool Water Party for the preschoolers at our church again this year. Matt and I filled the pools, hooked up the sprinklers, plugged in the jumper and water slide, and iced the drinks on Sunday after church. We were so proud of our progress, when we started hearing thunder. I came inside to check the radar to see that we were under a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WARNING!! By the time I got outside to give Matt the bad news, it had started raining. We ran and unplugged everything and began dragging what we could onto the back porch. The slip-n-slide and baby pools were blowing everywhere. It was a disaster. All of our hard work went down the drain in about 5 minutes. We were out of breath and exhausted from running so much. Within minutes, it was raining buckets! The phone began ringing from guests wondering what to do. It was still an hour until party time, but our yard was quickly becoming a lake! There was no way we could have the party. We decided to postpone the party until today.
I stepped outside to take a picture of everything blowing, and Lee asked what I was doing. Matt said, "Lee, this is SOOOO going to be a blog post!"
The storm lasted over an hour, and our yard was flooded! If it hadn't been lighting too, we could have just turned the kids out in the giant mud puddle.
The real fun came today. Lee and Madi are enjoying some ice cream.
This cutie, Reese, loved the sprinkler.
Matt was in charge of pictures, and while I was helping to serve ice cream, I looked up to see him having a photo shoot with Buzz! It was hilarious to see. Buzz might have had more fun than the children. He ate all of the pizza crusts they left behind, and splashed in the pools when they were done.

The kids went to swing while we were cleaning up.

Lee ran over to Matt at the end of the party and said, "Daddy, thank you so much for making these mud puddles!" He was going from station to station as we were letting the water out so he could be the first to splash in the new puddle.
I think it was his favorite part of the day. Can you imagine what my bathtub looked like after this kid got in it?

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