Monday, September 7, 2009

Never Too Big...

Tonight, as I was collecting my end of the day cuddles from Lee, I asked him if he remembered when I used to rock him to sleep at night. He nodded and said, "Could you do that again tonight?" Oh yes I can and will!! I don't care that your legs hang over the side of the chair, or that I could not stand up with you when you went to sleep, or that I couldn't move my arm for about 10 minutes after Daddy carried you to bed. If you want me to rock you to sleep when you are 16, there will always be room in my lap! Now Mamas, Aunts and Grandmothers, don't send me nasty comments on how I'm spoiling him or messing up his bedtime routine, because I know if you could go back and rock your babies, you would in a second! I loved every single second of it, and had he not been hurting my arm so badly, I would still be rocking away!

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