Thursday, October 1, 2009

Picnic in the Park

After preschool today, we met some friends at the park for a picnic and playtime. The weather was perfect, and the kids had a wonderful time.
Lee was excited to get to wear his new Halloween shirt to school today.
I know I've posted about this little daredevil's tricks before, but today was a new high for her. She climbed to the top of the baby playset by herself, crawled over to the slide, and....
...tried to slide down on her tummy.
She did this over and over.
After her mommy put her on her bottom, she slid down with success! She has no fear!
Sometimes her antics got her into trouble, and she would have to be rescued.

Then she would head off to find more fun.
I told Subo that this was not her best judgement call. Lee and Hope loved it, but it sure made this mommy nervous!
Then the boys hid from the girls.
These preschoolers had a big day together and finished off their fun with a snack.

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