Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Big Day!

Today has been one heck of a whirlwind for us! The biggest news of the day was the first day of Preschool for Lee. Only the boys went today, and Lee loved it. He got up and was in a great mood and was ready to go when it was time. On the way there, he was quizzing me on several things we were bringing with us. I assured him that I remembered to bring everything he requested. He was quiet for a second and said, "Hey Mommy. You're awesome! I'm going to tell everyone that, okay?" Fine by me! As we were turning into the parking lot, he saw a friend's mom's car pulling in from the opposite direction, and he said, "Punch it, Mom! We have to beat Ben!" Luckily, we walked in at the same time as Ben, so he declared it a tie. He was such a good sport about taking pictures too. I took a few outside and then followed him inside for a few minutes. He went right to his cubby and hung up his lunchbox and checked himself in, just as he was told a couple of weeks ago to do. It was as if he had been doing this routine for months! Then he chose a game and had a seat at one of the tables and was happy as could be. I kissed him goodbye and fully expected some hesitation from him on my leaving. He said goodbye and kept playing. I stood at the door for a minute, and he was laughing and playing with the other boys. I was so proud of him and how brave he was. Tomorrow, the girls will join them, and I think he is looking forward to that a lot.

This is his little cubby where he keeps his things.
This must his favorite game. He chose it at the playdate too.
He wanted to wait to show us his projects until we were all home. So tonight, he showed us the turtle he colored and made and also his award for being a "Fabulous Friend." When I picked him up, he had the biggest smile on his face. As we were driving away, he told me I did a good job being the first Mommy there. Apparently it's going to be a big deal to him to be "first." Who knew that I would be the first mom there for pick up??? Surprisingly, he was a chatterbox the whole way to my meeting. He normally will not offer any details, but he was full of information today. He told me who he sat by, what the other kids had for a snack, what activities they did and what toys he played with. I was thrilled. I had a lunch meeting afterwards, and he was an angel throughout the meeting. He has been going with me since he was born, but he's never had to sit still for that long after having such a full morning. Then, after my meeting, we had appointments to get our teeth cleaned. It was rescheduled due to a conflict with the hygienist. I would not have chosen to have such a big day on the first day of preschool. Since we didn't have a choice, we just went with it.
Again, Lee was an angel. The hygienist bragged and bragged on how good he was while I got my teeth cleaned and then for her while she cleaned his. I have to admit that I was very pleasantly surprised too. I didn't expect such good behavior from him since I knew he was exhausted. We finished at the dentist and hurried home for some rest before church. We finally got home for the day at 7:50, and he barely stayed awake for story time. He might have set a record for the fastest time falling asleep tonight. I might be a close second! I have been so proud of him today and loved hearing everyone brag on him.

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