Monday, September 28, 2009


This is a catch-up post with lots of activities from the past week. Lee has been full of funny comments and stories from preschool. I'll start with our weekend. The fall weather begged the kids to play outside, and that's just what they did.

Here's Hope playing in the clubhouse. When she bats those eyes, there is nothing you won't give her!

As girly as we want her to be, she is determined to be just the opposite. We have decided that must be part monkey, because there is nothing she won't climb. She climbed the steps up to the slide all by herself, and she was so proud of herself.

She was running from window to window yelling for us to watch her.

This is her new surprised face. It's so funny.

"Aunt Stacy, are you watching me over here?"

" See my new teeth?"

Lee is part monkey too.

We had the perfect weather for a bike ride.

Paul wanted to go on a nature walk to look for squirrels, so he was ready in his camouflage. I'm pretty sure those 2 chatterboxes scared away any squirrels that were anywhere near them.

I was changing the sheets on Lee's bed the other day, and when I pulled the top sheet back, this is what I found. He had slept with a bear, a fireman, a ball, and a drumstick. I had not made up his bed the day before, because I had intended to change the sheets then. I got busy and didn't change them that day, so he at least slept with all these toys for 1 night, and maybe 2.

The kids learned about Johnny Appleseed at school last week. They made these nifty hats to look like Johnny.

It was really a pot, since Johnny carried his pot on his head. Lee thought this was hilarious!
He has been so full of information about school every day. We have enjoyed it so much, and we haven't even been there a month. We are so thankful to have such a great preschool with teachers as incredible as Mrs. Connie and Mrs. Angie. They are making a difference!

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