Friday, August 14, 2009

Visit to OC

Lee and I went to visit my family in Obion County for a couple of days last week. Here are a few pictures from our trip.
As I walked past my grandmother's room, I noticed her Bible on her bed. What a testimony to me that these well worn pages are the last ones she reads at night.
Speaking of my grandmother, she has taught and encouraged Lee to climb her trees. That's the first thing he wants to do when he gets to her house. She holds him up to the first branch, until he can get a grip and keep climbing. I'm not sure who gets a bigger thrill out of it.
Since we were all outside, I insisted on a 4 generation picture. Mom and Grandma don't like having their pictures made, but they were pretty good sports about it. At least I didn't make them coordinate their outfits!
More tree climbing....
still more climbing...
Here is Aiden, my cousin's 1 year old. How cute is that outfit??
This is his mommy, my beautiful cousin, Candice.
Aiden is one of the happiest kids I have ever seen. He smiles all the time. I chased him around the yard for less than 5 minutes and took about 50 pictures of him. Besides the chasing part, it was so easy to get good pictures. I could say anything to him, and he would just giggle. Our whole family is just crazy about him.

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