Friday, August 14, 2009

Birthday Bash

Our niece, Brylie, turned 3 last weekend and had a huge swimming party-birthday bash at her grandmother's pool.
Here is my Sister-in-law with her sisters, mom, and grandmother, along with her nieces and nephews.
The reason the birthday bash was so huge is because all 3 of these kids share a birthday(August 8th), and they shared their party this year. What makes it so special is that their moms are sisters! From left to right is Sharia (with Reece-1), Shonda (with Charlea Beth-5) and my sister in law, Shayanne (with Brylie-3). I think that is so neat that they share a birthday and that they are all the second children in their families.
Guess who loves a swimming party?
Brylie got a Leapster for her birthday!
Here is the birthday girl!
I don't know who is funnier jumping off the diving board, Lee or Brylie.
See what I mean?
Lee and the grandparents
Being cool with Daddy
We can't forget Gracie. Just because it wasn't her special day, doesn't mean she wasn't ready to pose and show out! She's always ready for her close-up! She couldn't wait to tell me that her first cheerleading competition is coming up in Nashville. I don't know if my nerves can handle another year of watching her flip and climb and compete!

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