Friday, August 28, 2009


If you're not a grandparent or aunt, you might want to quit reading here, because I'm going to be brag on my boy in this post. I can't help it.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, we have been stuck at home for a couple of days, so it has gotten pretty funny around here. Cabin fever was creeping in, and I think we're both delirious. I'll start with some funnies that he told me.

I told Lee that his Halloween costume would be here soon, and I couldn't wait to see him in it. It seems like choosing the costume is half the fun for Lee, so he started telling me what he wants to be next year. He said he wants to be a "Brave" baseball player. I asked him what number he would be, and he said, "77.1, because that's my favorite baseball number."

We ventured out for smoothies from Jack Jones, and we didn't get dolled up for our quick trip. On the way there, he started giggling and said my hair was wild. I'll admit that I didn't straighten it, but I did brush it and tame it as best I could. I asked him where it was wild, and he said "A little all over but mostly on top." I thought it looked fine. As we got out of the car, I told him his hair was pretty wild too, and he said, "I didn't brush my hair, so it's supposed to be wild. You brushed your hair, so it's supposed to be pretty."

I ordered Lee a dress shirt earlier in the week to specifically go with a sweater vest he already had. It came in the mail, and I showed it to him for approval, without mentioning the vest. He said he loved the shirt and grabbed the packing slip from the package. I stood there waiting to see what he was looking for, and he finally said, "Oh great! It says right here, no sweater vest allowed with this shirt."

We were eating lunch the other day, and he said completely out of the blue, "I know what Paw (my dad)needs." I couldn't wait to hear the answer, but there was no way I would have guessed what he was about to say. He said, "He needs a wife and 2 kids. You help Daddy with his laundry, and Paw needs a wife to do his laundry." I reminded him that Joe and I are his kids, and he said that he needs new kids to live there to play with all his toys. This conversation went on and on, and he finally said, "I think it's so cool that you are Paw's kid and are a Mommy too." I told him that Paw used to be married to Mawmaw when I was a little girl, and he said, "What was Paw Paw (my stepdad) doing then?" I decided to change the subject. Sometimes he's too smart for his own good.

We have been doing lots of activities while being confined. I haven't done a great job of working on numbers with Lee, so I was completely shocked at how good he was in his workbook. We went over numbers 1-10, writing the word and then matching it with the number. After about 10 minutes, he wrote all the words himself and recognized the words when I surprised him with a quiz. Today, we were playing a matching game that used to take about 30 minutes to play. I'll admit that I used to help him with his matches quite a bit, but today he needed no help. He had the most amazing memory and beat me 21 matches to my 12! At the end of the game, I asked him to count his cards. I expected him to stop at 20 and ask for help, but he counted all the way to 42 with only one mistake. The mistake was when he finished 29, he said "20-10." Precious! He has never counted that high before, and I was just amazed at him. He has also wanted to make cards for everyone this week. Yesterday, he was working on one by himself, and I looked over at it, and he had written, "I love you Gracie." It was all over the card and not in a line, but I was so shocked!

Finally the last interesting thing he has done this week is kick his eating into overdrive. He has eaten double the amounts he normally eats. On Tuesday, he ate 4 nuggets and most of his fries at McD's, and a couple hours later, he asked for a grilled cheese for a "snack." I made it thinking he would eat half of it. There was only a small part of the crust left. Tonight, he ate 4 whole pieces of pizza! I cut a regular size piece of pizza in half, so it's more manageable for him to hold. I could barely finish one piece of my own before he was asking for another. He ate every bite. A week ago, he would eat about 1 1/2 small frozen pancakes for breakfast. Suddenly this week, he is eating 3 and sometimes eating a breakfast bar or yogurt with them. I wonder if he's having a growth spurt.

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