Friday, August 21, 2009

Our First Emergency Doctor's Visit

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I just hope this is our first and last trip! We had to make an emergency run to the doctor today. Luckily, Lee's doctor is in a clinic that provides emergency/after hours care. It is so much easier than going to the ER. Here is how it all happened. Lee and I had gotten our hair cut, and while I was visiting with Cindy, Lee was playing on a child sized plastic chair next to us. He crashed out of it, and it fell over on him. He started crying immediately and said his arm hurt. He was pointing to his wrist, which he was easily moving. I looked at it and wiggled it and assured him it was fine. The chair is so light that I didn't think there was any way it hurt him. Later, we decided that his weight was still on the chair when it fell on him. Anywyay, he started dancing, and the crying turned to wailing. Just then, I flipped his arm over and saw something poking out. Cindy and I tried to decide whether it was a bone, but we quickly decided that it was bad. It was dark purple and was as big as a gum ball and was sticking out of his arm. He was still wailing, so she told me to head to the emergency clinic. I called Matt on the way and asked him to meet us there. I didn't think Lee's doctor would be there so late in the day on a Friday afternoon, but thank goodness, he was. Lee was crying to the receptionist, "I want Dr. Whitby!!" It was pitiful. She assured him she would get him. On the way to the room, Lee said he needed to go to the bathroom. Once we got in there, he quit crying and became very lethargic and started throwing up. This made him very pale with purple circles forming around his eyes. By the time we saw the nurse, she was more concerned about him than his arm. She quickly got Dr. Whitby, who had us lay him down on the table with his feet in the air. He examined his arm and like us, thought it was broken. He ordered x-rays to confirm. After 10 minutes or so, Lee started to get some color back and was feeling a little better. So we went for x-rays that showed no broken bones. Dr. Whitby decided that the chair must have broken some blood vessels and caused the knot. He had mobility in his hand and was moving his arm fine, so we were sent on our way.
This was taken about 2 hours after the fall and looks much better.
Nothing perks a boy up like a milk shake and cartoons! Now he says he's ready for some Big Red Football!


  1. Oh, Stacy!! I took a gasp of air in when you wrote about turning his arm over! Oh my goodness!! What a brave mother and young boy! Glad you were all okay!

  2. Girl, I hadn't checked the blog since this post!!! I would have wanted the story in person today at the park! Wow! I would have freaked at the point when he started getting sick...I'm so glad all is well!