Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Fish Fry

Matt has been wanting to have a fish fry for awhile, and Sunday was the perfect day. We had the Hayes family (12 of us total!) over to eat supper with us. The weather was beautiful for the guys to be outside cooking. I made hushpuppies, fries, onion rings and white beans as side items. For dessert, I made my first blackberry cobbler. I had to make an emergency call with some last minute questions, but it turned out fine. After supper, we set up the water slide for the kids.
Hope desperately wanted to do what the big kids were doing. They were a little too rough for her though. Paul begged his mommy to let him take her down the slide with him. He said, "I'll hold her hands." Surprisingly, she still said no.
Hayes was having fun with the water guns. He and Uncle Matt ended up in a water fight.
Brian pick an apple and a peach from our trees, and guess who loved them!
She was done with the big kids as soon as she took her first bite.
Hayes and Paul
Hayes and Lee
Shelby was there too, but I didn't get the best pictures of her. Knowing how girls worry about how they look in pictures, I didn't want to post them. I'll get some cute ones of her soon. She officially became a HIGH SCHOOL student this week! She went to her school's open house on Thursday and loved it. She seems really excited to start.

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