Friday, August 28, 2009

Catching Up

Since I've had a stomach bug this week, I have gotten behind on our blog. I'm proud to say that not only do I feel much better, Lee did not get it. (I'm knocking on wood.) Here is a recap of our week.

On Friday, we headed to the first Patriot Football game of the season. I didn't take my camera, because I knew it would be very crowded. I was right. Even though we have reserved seats, we could barely move. This county LOVES their Patriots! The game was exciting from start to finish, and the Pats pulled out a win 20-18. Lee was pretty quiet throughout the game and seemed to be taking it all in. Of course, he was still recovering from our eventful afternoon. We couldn't get him to choose a new favorite player to replace Marsalis Teague. I'm not sure that's even possible. What a great guy! We have seen his picture in the paper this week and have read about him a couple of times in AP reports. He is really making waves in Knoxville, and we are anxiously waiting to watch him play.

These next pictures are out of order. These are from Sunday. While we were at Nam and Pa's, Lee wanted to go across the monkey bars, and did it all by himself for the first time. He did it over and over until he was completely exhausted. I just stood there with my mouth open and waiting to make our second emergency trip to the doctor. He did great and was so excited with his new accomplishment.
It was pretty windy earlier in the day, so we took kites. Lee had more fun just running with it behind him though. Matt thought to grab the camera and take some pictures! I was so proud to see them when we got home.

On Saturday, we went to the carnival at the fair. There wasn't a lot for Lee to do, but he enjoyed himself for a couple of hours riding the same rides over and over.
I took too many pictures of them on the Ferris wheel, because I couldn't believe Matt was riding it and they looked so darn cute up there!
I kept changing locations, and they would smile so big every time they came around and spotted me.
Matt was a little green after riding the carousel.
This ride has a funny story. First of all, Lee loved it, because he went up in the air by himself. What was so funny was the carnival worker told me if I wanted him buckled to "do it myself." Then the ride appeared not to start, so the worker was pushing it around. Matt and I couldn't believe we put our baby on it. Lee was all smiles and had no idea what was going on around him.

This was the favorite ride of the day. He rode it a few times and each time wanted to spin faster and faster. He has no fear.
On Monday, we met our playgroup friends at the park. Ava Kate also spent the day with us, so it was tons of fun for Lee. Since I was chasing two 4 year olds, I didn't take my camera. Ava Kate's birthday is in October, and she was telling Lee that she would soon be 5. He asked if she was having a party, and she said yes and that he was invited. Last year, he was the only boy at her party. Neither of them cared a bit. He adores her and wants to do whatever she does. Anyway, he asked what kind of party she was having, and she said she was having a sleepover and then going bowling. Lee got SO excited and came running to me and said he was going to AK's sleepover! She was pretty proud too. I feel quite sure this is not what her mom has in mind, so hopefully they will both forget about it before her birthday gets here. I have giggled over and over thinking about him being the only boy at her sleepover. I'm picturing painted nails and hair bows.
Tuesday was a big day for Lee. We went to a play date at his preschool. It was just a short visit for the kids to visit their classroom and get an idea what it will be like. Lee was pretty shy when we first got there. He found his cubby with a prize in there and quickly moved on to different play stations located around the room. There was a spot that was every little boy's dream. There was a train table, helicopters, cars, etc. We had to drag Lee and Paul away from there. We met Paul and Subo for lunch and more playtime at McDonalds. In his prize bag was his preschool shirt. He wanted to put it on as soon as we got home. I didn't care that he wore it around the house, but when it was time for soccer practice, he didn't want to take it off. I just knew he would ruin it the very first day he wore it, but he was surprisingly clean after practice. I have put it out of sight until school starts. He did a wonderful job at soccer practice this week. He was listening to the coaches and seemed to be learning some of the rules. Of course there were a few times that I looked up to see him doing cartwheels in the middle of the field, but he always bounced right back into the action. It is going to be so funny to watch them play in a game next week. I can't wait.
Wednesday is when the stomach bug attacked me, so we stayed home. That's not to say that there weren't some hilarious moments to document, but that's another post.

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