Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Big Day for Lee

This week is fair week in Henry County. We always look forward to going to the carnival and seeing what everyone has entered in the arts, crafts food, etc. Every year I plan to enter several categories, but I seem to always get too busy around this time to finish my projects. I have always enjoyed entering pictures I have taken of Lee and make it a priority to at least enter those. This year we could only enter 3 categories, and we chose the 3-4 year old category, farm scene and outdoor photos. I entered a picture of Lee fishing in the farm scene category, and it didn't win a ribbon.
This picture was in the 3-4 year old category and won 2nd place!
This picture was in the outdoor category and won first place. Lee also won Most Photogenic Boy! He was very excited to see the ribbons attached to his pictures.

Tonight at church, I sat next to one of Lee's choir teachers during Bible Study. After it was over, I asked if Lee was a good boy during choir, and he said yes. Then he told me that each kid was given a page to color, and that Lee did a great job coloring. He went on and on about how impressed he was with Lee's skills. I thanked him and told him that I would be fine with it if Lee decided to become an artist instead of an athlete when he got older. Knowing how much he loves sports, I knew he'd get a kick out of that. He just laughed and said that he could surely do both. Maybe he's right.

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