Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fun with Friends & Cousins

On Monday, Lee's friends, Ava Kate and Ella, came to spend the day with us. We decided to get the water slide ready and to play in the pool. Paul, Hope and Subo came over to play too. The weather was perfect, and the kids had the best time together.
Hope loved sitting on the side of the pool and kicking her legs. I decided that she would love to have her own pool, so I got out Lee's baby pool. She did not like it, and Subo and I figured out that it was because the big kids weren't in that one. She wanted back in the big pool! It was so funny.
She definitely held her own in keeping up with the big kids. Of course, they loved entertaining her.
Smiley girl!
Paul had been begging for Lee to slide at the same time, and when Lee finally did, they bumped heads. So Lee was done with that.
Here are the kids taking a break and getting ready for popsicles. Look how Hope is sitting up there like she is 4 years old! She loved the picnic table. We kept expecting her to fall back off of it, but she didn't.
Paul liked the slide best. There were times the other kids were in the pool, and he would be alone on the slide. I could hear him laughing by himself. He was such a hoot!
I like how the girls are posing and the boys are still being silly boys.

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