Friday, August 14, 2009

Choir and Missions Kickoff

I can't believe it's already time for fall activities to start back up at church. The summer flew by in a flash! Lee has been looking forward to a new choir and missions class. Here are some pictures from our registration and kickoff. His choir teachers are Traci Shepherd (AKA Iris's mommy), Rachel and Adam Steedly, Danice Purcell and Ed and Janice Wheatley. He already knew all of them, so he was thrilled when it was time to go to his new class. On the way home, I was quizzing him on his teachers, and he left out Mr. Ed. So I asked, "What about Mrs. Janice's husband?" I could tell he was confused, and he said, "Mrs. Janice does not have a husband!" I said, "Mr. Ed is her husband." He never would agree to it, so he'll probably ask her next week if it's true. In missions, his teachers are Carla Bomar (AKA Ava Kate's mommy), Susannah Murphey (AKA Emma Jane's mommy), and Mary Kate Ceparello. When I went to pick him up from missions, he held his finger up at me and asked for a few more minutes. So, I think it's safe to say that he is going to have a great year with great teachers and friends.
He is coloring with Mrs. Lori.
He is standing in line for the inflatable slide. Matt and I were so tickled at him. He was all business while in line. If someone tried to pass him, he let them know about it. He was focused on getting his proper turn.

This kid loves to slide!
"Daddy can I please go again?" That was the routine ALL night. Stand in a
l-o-n-g line, slide once, go ask daddy if he can go again, get back in line, etc.

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