Monday, June 1, 2009

Hello June!

We started June off with a bang! We began our day/week at Vacation Bible School. This is Lee's first year to participate in a class, so he has been very excited about it. Katie and Alex are staying with us this week, so they can just ride with us each day. On the way there, I told the older kids that they would line up in front of the church with their assigned classes and march into the rally together. Then I told Lee that he would go sraight to his regular classroom. When I was getting K&A to their designated areas, I saw Lee's teachers on the sidewalk waiting for Lee and his classmates. There were a few kids already there that he knew. I tried to get Lee excited that he would get to go to the rally with the "big kids." I thought he was buying it until I turned to leave to go to my class, when I felt these precious little hands grab my legs. I turned back around to see the biggest tears I have ever seen come from my little boy. I knelt to talk to him, and he grabbed me around the neck and said, "Please don't leave me Mommy. I can't have fun without you." I still tried to encourage him to stay with his friends, all the while knowing there was no way in the world I would/could ever leave him. He at least walked in to the rally with his friends, but he was doing a constant "Mommy check" to make sure I was there. I didn't think he got one single thing from the rally, because he cried nearly the entire time. I had flashbacks to 4-H camp, when I really wanted to be okay and stop crying, but the tears just wouldn't quit coming. (Okay, I'm tearing up just thinking about it again. It was horrible!!) After the rally, I walked with him to his room, and the change in his disposition was immediate. He gave me one more hug, asked when I was coming to get him, and sent me on my way. He was on his turf now and in familiar territory. He has always been this way. He needs some warning about how things are going to be, especially when we go and do something new. I think he was so overwhelmed by the older kids, the noise (excitement), and my dropping him off at a new location. On our way home, he was singing the words to the theme song that we learned in the rally, so I knew he was listening. He has talked about going tomorrow and even warned me that he would be holding "Miss Janice's" hand on the way in. I finally made it to my class, and we had a huge number of 3 year olds. Talk about feeling overwhelmed!! I was so proud of Lee for sticking it out and having such a good time. I can't wait to see what tomorrow's VBS holds for us!

After lunch, we had our playgroup friends over to play on the new water slide with us. It was a very HOT day, which is what you need when you have ice cold well water! Here are some pictures of our afternoon.
Hope entertained the mommies while the big kids played outside.
Alexis did not want to be in the water, but she sure liked playing with it!
Katie held her own with the big boys. I guess she has to be tough having a big brother!
Clayton is now officially a 1st grader! We were so happy he finally got to come play with us.
Bennett LOVED the slide. I have so many cute pictures of him playing on it. He was all smiles!
Jack didn't want to get on the slide much, but he enjoyed squirting everyone with the giant water gun.
Lee wanted to squirt everyone else, but when the tables were turned.....oh boy!
Same goes for this guy! Caleb loved squirting his brother, but he did not like B getting him back.
Harrison hung out in the pool where it was calmer....for the most part.
Who do you think enjoyed her cupcake the most??? Mary Kate's mommy was probably not happy with Lee's choice to have RED cupcakes, huh? It sure made for a cute picture though.
After playgroup, Lee, Katie and Alex played some more outside and then came in to rest up for Katie's game tonight. Lee and I haven't gotten to watch her play yet, so tonight was the night!
Here is Lee ready and waiting to hit the road!
Ava Kate's sister plays on Katie's team, so we got to play with her tonight too. Oh how I adore this girl and her dimples!
Alex sat with us and took Lee for a snack. They came back with popcorn and nachos. Lee was attached to him at the hip after that.
Here is Katie up to bat. Lucky #7!!
She is warming up for her next at bat. Lee told me on the way there that he would know Katie right away, because she would be wearing a pink helmet. He said he saw it in Mrs. Jill's car. Little did he know that most all the little girls on Katie's team were wearing pink helmets!
Even though she just spent the whole day with him, she was so excited to see Lee after the game! I can't explain Lee's expression.
I am still going through the pictures from Lee's birthday party, so as soon as I have them ready, I will post. There will be A LOT! I already have a million favorites. If anyone sees a printing special, let me know!

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  1. We had so much fun! The boys are still talking about the cool slide! Thanks for letting us come play!