Sunday, June 7, 2009

VBS finale

All ABOARD the Boomerang Express! Lee loved, loved, loved the music from the week. I wish I had a copy of the CD. Perhaps I can download the music somewhere?
Lee, Avery, Mrs. Pat, and Mr. Joe were watching a video that was made this week about their class. I was glad to catch them in the hall for a quick picture.
The kids loved seeing themselves on TV.
Here is Lee's class entering the rally on the last day.
Traci, Scott and Mandi led the worship rally. They were wonderful! "It all comes back to Jesus!"
Lee is smiling, because he knows that box has his name on it. Inside were all the treasures they made during the week. Lee couldn't wait to open it and show me everything.
Here is Lee with his teacher, Mrs. Ann. He adores this woman! The other night, we were having a Waltons-style bedtime routine and being silly. Matt said, "Good night Mommy. I love you" I said, "I love Lee." Lee said, "And I love Mrs. Ann Oliver." It was precious. We are so blessed and thankful to have her in our lives.
Mrs. Ann is notorious for bringing critters to her class. Today, she brought frogs. Lee loved them. After spending the day with 13 4 year olds, I'm not sure they made it home in one piece.
Here is the amazing light house that Mr. Joe and Mrs. Ann built. Lee's class had their mission lesson here every day.
Look who came to watch the program! Lee didn't know he was there until the end. He was so excited! Even though we were exhausted by the end of the week, we had the best time at VBS. Lee learned so much each day and couldn't wait to go back. We're going to miss it this week!

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