Wednesday, June 3, 2009

All aboard the Boomerang Express!!

For those of you wondering, Lee will wear his birthday shirt for the next year. He would wear it every day if I would let him. He wore it today to VBS. And for the record, his favorite number changed from 3 to 4 on his birthday too.
As I mentioned earlier in the week, Lee wasn't sure he was going to like VBS the first day. Every day, he has gotten more confident about going into the rally. ALL (200) kids line up in front of the church and march into the sanctuary together. There is loud music playing, and the kids are wild with excitement. So it is very understandable how intimidating it could be for a first timer. I love going with him and learning the music and motions too. Plus Katie and Alex sing the songs, so I wanted to be able to sing along with them. I try not to pay attention to Lee while we're in there, so he will be independent and interact with his class more than with me. This morning, I saw him out of the corner of my eye doing all of the motions and singing the theme song. It is a very fun, upbeat song, so I knew he would like it. I was right. He was really getting into it, and I was so proud. Then there is a song that is slow and more serious, and while singing, the instructors also do sign language. I've been trying to learn it this week, but I have only heard the song 3 times. This morning, Lee was at least attempting every part. He wasn't getting every sign right, but he knew more than me. I couldn't believe it. I was so overwhelmed with emotion. I just couldn't help but be in awe of how much he has learned this week and that he gets the purpose of VBS. He has learned new Bible verses each day and tons of facts about Australia. His teachers are so much fun, and he has the most incredibly decorated room I have ever seen. I can't wait to sneak some pictures. Even though we are exhausted when we leave every day, I think I speak for Lee too, when I say that I don't want it to end.

After lunch, the Gate 3 Crew (thanks to Kerry Bell for our cool name) went to the matinee to see "Up." It was a really cute movie that all 3 kids enjoyed. There were some mean dogs in there that scared Lee. After the movie, he was telling Katie and Alex how he closed his eyes when the dogs came on. He said that dogs aren't mean in real life. It occurred to me then, that we've never told him that some dogs could be mean. Lee has obviously been around dogs his whole life, so he is very comfortable around them...the non-yappers anyway. I don't think he was too traumatized, but he didn't like them at all. There were 2 cute movie previews that he LOVED. He yelled out once that he wanted to get that movie now. I think they both come out in July, so maybe he will still be interested then.

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