Saturday, June 20, 2009

McGraw Reunion

Every June, we travel to Mississippi to visit the McGraw Family. Here are some pictures from the first couple of days of our trip.
Aunt June, Here we come!
After arriving at the hotel, Lee learned that there was a pool. He could hardly wait!
Brian and Matt took turns catching the boys as they jumped off the side.
I'm sure glad it wasn't my job! They were full of energy.
Lee is doing so much better this summer with his swimming. He is very confident with his floaties. He learned to float on his back at home, so he showed off to everyone in the big pool.
The hotel has sprinklers outside, so naturally the boys had to check those out next.
Since it was 98 degrees, I think they loved cooling off here. Too bad the adults couldn't join them. The bridge behind them crosses the Mississippi River. Although I hate bridges, I have to admit that I think it is beautiful.
Hope has had a cold this week, so she didn't get to join in the water fun. I think she and Uncle Matt were creating their own fun.
The boys had a blast.
On Friday, we did some shopping in Natchez. Lee and I took a break to check out the scenery and take some pictures while the others shopped. You can see our hotel behind Lee across the river. Our hotel is in Vidalia, Louisiana, and here we are across the river in Natchez, Mississippi. Matt has teased Lee every time we've crossed the bridge by asking which state we are in. Lee almost always says Mississippi, and Matt will say that we were but now we're in Louisiana. It's confusing to a 4 year old!
Lee posed for a minute, and then he was done with me and my camera.
Finally, he got some backup when Paul arrived. He wasn't interested in me or my camera either.
I did bribe them with candy if they would stand still long enough for 1 picture. This is what I got. Pretty cute, I thought.
When it was time to head to the car, they both jumped in the stroller for possibly the cutest picture of the day. I can still hear their giggles when I look at this picture.
Time for "Knock-you-naked-margaritas" at Fat Mama's! Lee and Paul settled for root beers, but I thought it was a hoot that they climbed up to the bar. It's actually a family friendly restaurant, but they are known for their margaritas.
Friday night, we went to a nice dinner and enjoyed some Cajun food. We decided to give Pa his Father's Day gifts since we'll be on the road all day Sunday headed home. Back at the hotel, guess what time it is!? Yep, Lee can't get enough of the pool. He cut his foot at the sprinklers, so he cried when he got in the pool. I think it was a combination of the burn and extreme tiredness. I'm sure we'll try the pool again soon.
This was taken moments after returning from the pool.

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