Thursday, May 28, 2009

What a day!

We started our Thursday at Mudslingers. Lee says that he loves it every day, so I know he won't be happy that tomorrow is his last day. Sometimes he gets shy and won't participate in events, but judging from how filthy he is when I get him each day, he is participating a lot! I can't wait to see what they have made. Matt's cousin, Lisa, and her girls are visiting from Oregon this week, so Nam organized a painting party at Studio J for all the kiddos this morning. Hayes chose to paint a skateboard, so the other boys followed him and also chose skateboards. The girls were more creative, and each one chose something different.
Lee is getting started with some green.
He started out being very careful with his paint and painted the wheels different colors, but by the end, he was just kind of slapping the paint on the white parts.
Paul is making his skateboard colorful too!
Here is the "big kid" table. From left and going clockwise are Hayes, Lily, Grace, Carly and Shelby.
Hope got to come too, although we kept her paint-free. She was happy to entertain the crowd with a round of pat-a-cake during snack time.
Here is the group after they finished their projects.
We headed home to get ready for the rest of our day. It was the Quota Club's turn to serve supper at the local Soup Kitchen. Lee tagged along while I delivered my food, helped serve and took pictures. I loved that he was able to be a part of something like this. The ladies are always so great to include him, and I think he learned a lesson on giving back. We talk often about not wasting food. We're not always successful, but I like to think that he will remember those less fortunate than us when he is being wasteful, whether it is with food or water or energy. I have noticed lately that he is being more attentive to turn the water off while brushing his teeth and turning the light off when he leaves a room. The seed has been planted, and I hope it continues to grow.
After leaving the Soup Kitchen, it was off to the T-ball fields to watch Paul. Lee is hanging out here with his snack.
Paul got 1 turn to bat and run the bases before the rain came! We hurried and packed up our things and ran to the car. I'm not sure Paul ever knew we were there. We'll have to catch another game soon.
Our last stop of the night was at the GED Graduation, for which the Quota Club sponsors the reception. We provided snacks afterward and enjoyed meeting the graduates and visiting with each other. I had the pleasure to serve with an amazing and selfless group of women, who are always looking for ways to do for others. This same group helped to raise $5000 this year to provide scholarships to 5 local students. Especially in the current economic crisis, I think that's incredible. I was honored to be the chairman this year, and being able to present those scholarships yesterday was a moving and rewarding experience for me. As I left the meeting, my heart was so full of love for my little club and hopeful for the projects to come. With Lee going to pre-school in the fall and inevitably getting more involved in activities, I'm not sure how long I'll be able to participate, but I know for sure that I have gotten far more out of my membership than I have given.

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