Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Fun

Lee has been about to pop to have his friend Ava Kate come over to play on the water slide with him. We finally made plans this week to get together. She and her sister, Ella, spent some time with us today, and all 3 kids and I had a BLAST. I could have listened to their laughter all day. I had to drag them off the slide in time for them to dry off before their mom got here. I wondered how much longer they would have played had I not made them get off. They made up so many new games and chased each other with the water guns. It was such a fun day. Throughout the day, Ella called her sister "A." Lee loved it and started calling her that too. Finally it occurred to him that he could call Ella, "El" for short too. However when Lee said it, it came out in 3 syllables and sounded like "Ale." I think Ella was getting a kick out of it. I know I was. Every time I heard him say it, I would giggle.
I tried to warn them that the water would be cold the first few times they slid into the pool. Ava Kate's face confirms it. I'm not sure she believed me.
I have so many pictures of Lee laughing. He could barely catch his breath from laughing at these girls all day.
I love these smiles!
Ella and Lee made a train.
Ava Kate got them with the water gun as they came down! I'm sure they paid her back right away.
They came down together. It was hilarious.
This was right before the group slide.
Here is Lee tormenting the girls with the water gun at the top. We finally disconnected it to keep peace.
Lee had a blast with this water gun Paul got him for his birthday. It holds a TON of water. While the girls were reloading, Lee was still firing away.
Precious girl!

After the girls left, we got cleaned up in time for Matt to take us to see the progress being made on the 218 Bypass. It's amazing what has been transformed in such a short amount of time. Then we went on to Murray and had supper at the Big Apple. After a yummy supper, we went bowling. I started off with one of my best games ever, and Matt was struggling. Somewhere in the middle, we traded places, and Matt ended up beating me! Lee had his own lane and loved it. We had a fun day without any rain or storms, as was predicted. I would like a repeat tomorrow!

Here's the cutie with his fresh hair cut. His bangs are not crooked, as they appear here. He combed his hair "like mommy's" after his bath. He parts it on the wrong side when he does that, and it makes his bangs appear jagged. I requested a shorter cut for summer, and I think he looks so cute! I normally prefer his hair a little longer, but I'm just in love with the way he looks right now.

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