Monday, June 22, 2009

More Trip Pics

These are out of order. I wanted to show a before and after of Lee from the reunion on Saturday.

Here's the after. This was after hours of trampoline-jumping, monkey bar-climbing, and 4 wheeler riding. He was a sweaty, smelly mess and having the time of his life!
Here is the before picture. He was just getting started riding on the jeep. It didn't go fast enough for Lee, so he traded the jeep for a kiddie 4 wheeler.

The landscaping at our hotel was beautiful. I couldn't get Lee to take his sunglasses off long enough for a few pictures, but I love how they turned out anyway.
This frog hopped into Matt's leg on the way to the car. Lee was fascinated by him. He poked and nudged him until he hopped off on his next adventure.
What a handsome hubby I have! I teased him all weekend about looking like a tourist. He usually had the camera around his neck and a bag on his shoulder. I told him that I would get him a fanny-pack for our next trip.
We have taken Lee's picture in front of this bridge every year since his first trip when he was 3 weeks old. The sun was SO bright, so he is squinting in these pictures.

Here are some more pictures from the pool. Lee had the best time swimming with his Daddy.
Lee insisted on racing. Guess who won nearly every time!? If he didn't win, he would quickly say, "That wasn't a race!"
I'm so proud of how well he is doing with his swimming.
We made great time getting home on Sunday. Lee could not have been better in the car. He watched movies, colored and did a couple of his activity books. We hardly heard a peep out of him the whole day. He didn't eat very well while we were gone, but he has more than made up for it since we got home. Last night, he ate almost all of his taco and a side of rice and beans. Today, he ate 8 pizza rolls for lunch and for supper, he ate roast, potatoes, mac and cheese and tried some squash. This is on top of breakfast and snacks. I love when he is a good eater and will try new foods (like squash).
Here are some funnies from the day. This afternoon, I told him that I would like a kiss from him, and he told me his kisser was empty. I thought that was so funny. I think I finally wrestled a kiss out of him. Tonight, Matt and I sat outside and watched him swim for awhile. On our way in, he told Matt he saw a "piece of lightning" in the sky. After his bath, Matt was helping him pick up his toys in the living room, and he said, "Daddy, I have so many toys that I don't even know what to play with next." Sad, but true. The last funny from today was from this morning. We were getting ready to go outside, and I sent him to his room to get his shoes. He came running back to get me to come look at something. As I entered his room, I saw him with his "telescope" (AKA a wrapping paper tube) and was about to stick it in the fan. I screamed, and he stopped. He looked so surprised that I said not to stick it in the fan. I told Matt later that it was an incident that hadn't occurred to me that could happen. I didn't think I had to tell him not to stick toys in the ceiling fan. After I explained to him what could happen, he said he understood and promised not to do it again. I could tell that he had already done it before he came to get me, and he thought it was hilarious. Oh what trouble little boys get into!

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