Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

***WARNING*** This post may cause lots of giggling and cuteness overload!

After a fun day, which included sunshine(YAY!), this cutie and I headed to the ballpark to cheer for Hayes.

Shelby came too and was happy to see me. She just got this cute new hairdo!
Hayes enjoyed having an audience and put on quite a show for us. Here he is getting a great hit.

Another big hit! This series of pictures deserves its own post. He was on second and starting to third....
Uh-oh, here comes the tag! Hayes is trying to run around him....
Hayes keeps on running. Flailing might be more like it. Did I mention he showed out a little?
He made it....
....and then looked to his coach for approval. It was hilarious and priceless!
He's back in the field and now at shortstop, where he made a huge play moments later.
That play+his 2 big hits scored this happy guy the game ball! He was thrilled, and so were we!
Some friends had invited us to go to supper with them after the game, and we were packing to leave when Lee decided he wanted to stay to watch the "red team." I said, "Lee, we don't know these kids, so let's go." He started doing a dance while shouting, "There's Alex! There's Alex!" And sure enough, Alex was out on the field for the "red team." So we stayed for a few minutes to watch Alex and his team warm up and get started. He looked precious out there. See here for yourself.
Lee was pretty bummed about not getting to stay for the game, but after supper with friends that included balloons and a frosty, he was feeling much better!

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