Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Choir program

Tonight was the graded choir program at our church. I was so nervous as a mom and as a teacher. With 3 year olds, anything can happen at any time. I have to say that I could not have been more pleased with Lee or the 3 year old choir. Thankfully, we had no injuries, no one fell off the stage, no one cried, and I think all but 1 child sang. It was so precious. I say this at the end of each year, but I am really going to miss this group!

Lee's best friend, Paul, brought his family to watch Lee. Lee spotted Hope when he sat down and started giggling. He was so happy to see Paul after the program. Lee's grandparents, Nam and Pa and Mawmaw also came to watch him sing.

Matt promised ice cream if Lee did a good job and behaved, so we were off to Dairy Delight after the program. Two other kids from Lee's choir were there with their parents too. We thought it was funny that we all had the same bribing/reward tactics. It was a fun night!

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