Thursday, May 7, 2009

Busy Thursday

Lee and I have had a very busy day! We made the most out of our one sunny day by packing in as many outdoor activities as possible.
Lee got these super cool Cars goggles at the store. I don't think he opens his eyes when they're on his face. We'll have to practice with them before swimming.
Then it was time for hair cuts. Lee told Mrs. Cindy that this was his last hair cut as a 3 year old.
After hair cuts, a short visit with Daddy, and a trip to the grocery, we came home for lunch. Lee had requested "his own" strawberry pie, ever since he had a piece at Nam's on Sunday. I finally obliged today and had to get a picture, because I think this is the first strawberry pie I've ever made. My thought was that it might not taste that great, but at least it's pretty. However, we each enjoyed a slice after supper, and it was wonderful. After lunch, we headed outside to enjoy the sun. We replanted some flowers that had washed away in the recent monsoon and cleaned up the patio area. I was going to mow and asked Lee if he wanted put the sticks that I was picking up in the back of his Gator. He said yes and that he would help me with the litter. When I asked what he meant, he told me that he didn't like the rude people who threw their litter in our yard, so he would help me pick it up. I was surprised that he knew about litter and that he cared.
After cleaning up and a quick snack, it was time to head to Martin to watch Gracie play softball. She is very good, so it was a lot of fun to watch.
Lee likes taking his own chair.
When Gracie wasn't playing, this cutie kept us entertained. She is the perfect blend of sweet and sassy. I could eat her up.
Even though she gets around very easily on her cast, she said she was ready to get it off on Monday. She told her mama that the first thing she wants to do is play in the bath. I thought that was so sweet.
It's Gracie's turn to bat!
She got an RBI!
Here she is coming into second.
I think she was pretty hot and tired after that run.
Meanwhile, Brylie is in her own little world, picking "flowers."
Being the baby sister on the team, all the girls dote on Brylie and give her whatever she wants. She demanded a sucker, and within 10 seconds, 3 girls were offering her choices of colors. They liked Lee too.
Here's Gracie after her big win! (7-2) She's pretty sweet and sassy too, but her mama says it's not so cute on a 6 year old. What does she know?
We made it home and had a quick supper and a bath. Recently Lee has decided he doesn't like the way we comb his hair and wants to do it himself. We let him, because he does a decent job. The past few nights he has said he is combing his hair "like mommy's." It's parted down the middle, which I don't do, but it's still pretty cute. So I was armed with my camera tonight to see him comb his hair. He wanted me to take a picture of him "winsing his teeth with his winse."

Here is a picture of his newly combed hair. He explained to me in his know-it-all voice that you "comb this side plus this side to make mommy's hair." He is so proud of himself every time. Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? It was time for bed, and we were both pooped! Oh, and I should note that Matt has a job bidding tomorrow, so he was not home for any of this. He finally made it home at 11:30! Talk about a L-O-N-G day!!!
PS. Gracie called when we got home to tell us that she made the next level cheerleading squad, even with a sprained wrist! She was so excited, and we are too!

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