Monday, May 25, 2009

Good little helper

Lee has been such a good helper lately. Here he is using his mini-broom and dust pan to sweep. He loves it. Subo has a dust buster, and he usually asks to use it when he's at her house. Maybe I should have put one of those on his birthday wish list.

A few months ago, I couldn't fold a load of laundry without him in the way wanting to help. So one day, I showed him how to fold a wash cloth, and he was hooked. Now he can fold small towels and his blanket too. I usually sort out the washcloths just for him to fold. You can see in the video the huge pile that he already folded. Earlier today, Matt was folding some towels, and apparently he used his chin, and Lee thought it was hilarious. That's what he is telling me on the video that Matt used his chin and looked like an ostrich.

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