Thursday, May 21, 2009

When I grow up....

This picture is from our trip to the park last week, but I don't like a post without a picture!

Tonight, Lee and I were playing outside, and we noticed a group of teenagers leaving our neighbors' house. He asked if they were grown-ups. I explained that they were high schoolers, etc. This led to the following monologue from Lee.

"When I'm a high schooler, I'm going to be a tackler for the Patriots. That's all I'm going to do...tackle, tackle, tackle. Then when I'm a grown up, I am going to do many different jobs. First I'm going to play basketball, next will be bird watching, and then when I get old, I'm going to be a gymnasticker. (a gymnast, I assumed) I hope you and daddy will fly on my airplane to watch me do all these things. You can bring Buzz too, because it will be my own plane. But there will be a sign at the door that says, 'No cats allowed!' I kinda like cats, but daddy is allergic, so I won't allow them on my plane. Does all that sound fun to you Mommy?"

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  1. He is tooo funny! I love this story! Precious!!